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How I Lost 1.2M Naira Contract From Transaction Delay – First Bank

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Seriously, it’s not fun this days how much I have lost since this mber month all because I’m using first bank. At first it all happened some time ago, I saw my account with a Ledger balance of 21k+ which I know that they are some fund which I did twice on transaction but since it’s my first time seeing this Ledger Balance on my account, I thought first bank are saving money for until I google it.
I went to Idumota to purchase some melodies and on my way going home, I was stranded because what I budget for the melodies wasn’t what I spent, so I have to withdraw some money from my account which was 33k (if I could remember) on getting there, I could not be able to withdraw all because I still need to balance the seller. The first bank at Idumota, I have to talk or ask the security to explain what they meant by Ledger Balance because the queue wouldn’t let me in and lay my complaint but I must say that the security personnel is very rude despite the condition I was in, he was insisting I should wear a nose mask first ( I told him, oga I didn’t plan to go inside the bank or talk to any of your colleagues working in first bank but he still insist). Meanwhile, a lady was wearin a nose mask and asking the same security man and yet the security man was like, madam please I can’t hear you clearly and if you don’t mind, can you please bring down your nose mask a little bit (Mhen, the anger inside me that day would have create a scene but I just have to let it be).
Instead of me booking a Uber from Idumota to my house (destination), I have to trek down to Bookshop at CMS carrying a load of 8 to 10kg under a very hot sun ( I complained to First bank Hotline and they told me that the Ledger Balance was a transaction that are pending etc, meanwhile knowing fully well that I still do same transaction twice but I had to let go because I got no much proof or records kept).

Secondly, I made a transaction of 9k twice to the same beneficiaries but the person only received one of the 9k which almost cause trust issues between us and at same moment, the person have to send 5k to my account and I didn’t get the money so I have to call First bank hotline and complained to them concerning the issues but on the call, I was told that the 9k I sent was reversed to me (Omoh, I have checked my account before calling them) and also they said the 5k the person sent to me has been in my account. I have to tell them to send me my account statement after giving them my correct details, I was surprise to see their blatant lies because on sending the second 9k, I was having 139k on my account but from account statement, first bank put 149k. However, I received the 5k transfer from the person in the morning but the 9k was no where to be found meanwhile I have to go to First Bank branch at Ifako to lay the complaint (me when no dey like bank stress) and they told me the same thing that the 9k was reversed after all argument so before leaving there with anger, I have to tell them my first issues and I promised them that my eyes are now on them because I’ve lost trust issues with First Bank, having issues like this…..

Thirdly, (Please note that i’ve requested for an immediate refund before going to the haedquarter) here’s how I lost a million naira contract due to this First Bank fraudulent act or whatever. I have to credit my account through the deposit counter in First Bank with 20k so as I can order an order from a freelance in Fiverr, on doing so after deposit successful, that same moment (2 to 8mins), I have to place order from Fiverr with the sum of $20 which I was charged of N11,086 at the rate of N481 or so. I was debited but neither Fiverr or PayPal received the fund so I quickly went back to First Bank Branch at Ifako to lay the complain and all I could hear is that I should wait 2 to 3 weeks for the system to decide if the transaction will go or they will reversed the money.
My brother’s and Sister’s, this started on Monday and I have to submit the order for a review in other to be granted the 1.2m contract…

With anger (would have done what’s actually in my mind but I have to calm my nerves), that same moment, I went to First Bank head quarter at marina and if you see how unreliable all of them were that day ehn.
I have to speak with a man whom they referred as manager at the other first bank building, the man has no consent (sorry to say), after hearing my plight, wasting my little strength , what the man have to say at the end of my explanation was, “I’m not the first bank manager”, with no manner o (It boiled me).

I was like is it because it was 11k something? Did this man know the worth of 11k at that moment, okay fine I went to the other first bank building at marina which is at the same place, at first the lady who attended to me was faking as if she was helping out by expecting a call, but at last the ugly lady went out which her fellow front desk personel said she has explained everything to her and I was like okay (with anger) so what next, she have to call someone known as AY or AYO but to cut the story short, I spent 1hr+ at the second building of first bank headquarter got nothing at all ( for my front dem they pass or keep xmas gift while am loosing 1.2m naira).
I got a mail that day which was 7th December from first bank that they are working on the issues which will be resolved on the 10th December, my brother’s and sister’s to cut the story short, I have lost th 1.2m naira contract and first bank are yet to resolved their unprofessional services.

I have checked on their official pages and found out that this bank are robbing of some people off and is either they are trading with our money or not but I have asked them to refund the money from the very first time the $20 issues occurred.

The 11k may be small but at that time is worth winning 1.2 million naira so to all my friends that I told concerning this, here’s what you should know than asking me to leave the small 11k…

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