Mon. Mar 18th, 2019

How Instagram Bonds with Email Marketing to Phenomenally Increase Sales Revenue

Conventional businesses that have always been using solely email marketing campaigns for promoting their brands are today, envying the reach and volume of social networking sites. While it is quite natural to be bewitched with the phenomenal growth and success of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., one simply cannot overlook the immense potential that email marketing still holds. In this context, you must know that there are over 3.7 billion active and loyal email users currently worldwide. Instagram boasts of having over a billion MAUs across the globe and if the two popular platforms are seamlessly integrated together, they can create a magic and marketers can achieve incredible outcomes. Needless to say, you must incorporate Instagram into your email marketing strategies for phenomenal growth and boundless success like never before.

Use Multiple Platforms for Generating Leads & Boosting Engagement

Small businesses need to get their message out wherever and whenever they can. Running email promotions is great, but you should also reach out across multiple platforms. This holds true for content promotion as well as contests and the like. You can greatly expedite this process by using tools like Cover Photo Designer and Post Designer. They will let you work on images with ease and also download the finished product to share across multiple channels. Loyal users tend to follow you on several platforms so don’t exclude Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and the like, from your marketing strategy. In this context, you could even buy real Instagram likes by contacting reputed digital marketing companies.

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Attach Incentives to Engagement

You can really boost your Instagram and email engagement by hosting a “share more, save more” campaign. You are expected to put in some more effort in this one than your traditional contests, but the dividends are worth it. The way it works is that users, who share the information about your sale across different social platforms including Instagram, get larger discounts on your products. You will need some web development work to be able to track the sharing, but a professional could get that up and running in no time.

Optimization of Your Instagram Profile

The best way of gaining email leads via Instagram is simply incorporating a signup form within the Instagram account’s bio section where you could insert an URL. You could generate a lot of high-quality leads through these online forms, for boosting your email marketing campaigns. You could avail customized signup form to integrate into your Instagram account and even other major social media accounts. The form must be really easy and simple to fill and must possess adequate fields to capture the lead’s profile properly. The form must not be exhaustive as people would be quitting if they are bored and tired of filling it up.

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Instagram users could be motivated to sign up the form by offering attractive incentives such as promo codes, discounts, product samples, and free admission to a particular contest level etc. You simply need to have some imagination to come up with more enticing offers.

Nurture Leads via Valuable & Quality Content

Once you are successful in capturing the leads, you need to understand the leads well enough to generate content of real value to them. You must clearly understand their profile, their likes, and dislikes, the social media platforms they follow, things they purchase online, their precise expectations from your specific product or brand. Once you have a clear picture of the leads, you could effectively target them using personalized and segmented email marketing campaigns that would prove appealing to them. Remember to include factors such as gender, location, age, recent purchases, buying history, behavior patterns, and interests etc. Your chief objective is to generate sales but you must not forget to give your leads a satisfying UX (User Experience). Send valuable content to your email subscribers along with discount offers and deals.


Integrating these two popular digital marketing strategies may require slight planning but it is worth the effort. You would be able to demonstrate a cohesive image and a sharp marketing intelligence for your brand.

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