Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

How To Add Awesome Tabular Featured Posts To Your Blogspot [Blogger] Blog

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Maybe you have been seeing this fancy featured tabular ads or this fancy tabular feature format from one blogspot or so and you have thoroughly search all over to get the code but can’t get it, well dont worry because you came at the right place.

Benefit Of Using The Tabular Featured Posts On Your Blogspot Blog

* It actually makes your blog look like a mobile app which in good terms makes it look beautiful

* It can be used for advertising or displaying some notifications to your visitors

* It can also be used on a wordpress blog, mybb, xenoforo, ecommerce website or on a news or sport blog

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* It has different stylish beautified looking colour

* It is users and mobile friendly

* It is responsive and and seo optimized

* It also load faster and does not delay the loading page of your blog

* Its easier in coding it for or by newbies

List Of Blogspot Blog That Uses This Tabular Featured Post

Below list of blogs is used as the demo of this fancy look of the tabular featured post in
case you wish to see before applying the codes on your blog.

* Header Code

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* Header Code

* Header Code

* Header Code

* Header Code

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How To Add The Tabular Featured Post On Your Blog

Copy the below code and paste it wherever you want it to display but make sure that where you are adding it is visible to your visitors if you are using it for advert.


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Note that you can as well change the colour to any colour which you want

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