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How To Make Money Online With Your Social Media Account

Here comes another tricks from me on make money online tips about how to make money online with your social media account (part 1) without spending nor investing just like some of this affiliate program that dont pay (scam affiliate program website list) or mlm affiliate business website that are paying little or not paying at all which are still trending around.

    They are varieties of ways which you can make income online but do you know that some of this affiliate marketing niched website or blog only promised but does not pay which after you have waste your time on, what if i show or tell you that you can make money online without much hassle or hustle. Well below are what we are going to talk much about which are:

* How to make money online with your facebook account daily

* How to make money online with your instagram account daily

* How to make money online with your twitter account daily

* How to make money online with your youtube channel account daily without adsense

Gone are those days when we the addicted social media influencer (especially facebook) will be using it day and night without making a dime from it well i think they is a stop notch or watch for that now. Though and behold before i may literally forget, 2018 is coming to an end, so far so good i will be guiding you on how to make money online in 2019 either you are in nigeria, india, ghana, canada or any other country but for now, lets hit the bull before we get hitted by the same bull.

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How To Make Money Online From Your Facebook Account, Twitter Account, Instagram Account, Youtube Account (2018 – 2019)

How to make money online with your social media account in 2018

Ever wondering on how could that be possible? it is pretty much possible this days where the best list of social influencer marketing platform in 2018 or 2019 is one of the helping hand for us to make money online with our social network account.

What Is Influencer Marketing And How Does It Work – Real Or Scam: Review

Yesterday night when everywhere seems to be boring, i tap my cell phone to search on google about “What is social media influencer marketing and how to make money online as an influencer”, lo and behold, i got what i wanted so as to give my content a good information but i’d got many different definitions about influencer marketing platform definition, however, to cut the long shirt short, according to my own definition, the meaning of influencer marketing in 2018 / 2019 is a process whereby engaging with someone who can create a high reputable impact communications or conversations between your company brand and it customers. But if in case you need more definitive elite about influencer marketing platform, i recommend you make some researched about that yourself and see that my own definition is well explained.

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Best 50+ List Of Influencer Marketing Platform In 2018 / 2019

Even if you tried doing more research about the best list of influencer marketing companies in 2018 or 2019, you’d find Hyperstv as the one whos has the best list of them because am sure that i did a very well and accurate research about them and the list below are:

Top 50+ Influencer Marketing Platform For Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Vine And Twitter In 2019

* Famebit

* Ifluenz

* Izea

* Revfluence

* Instabrand

* Heepsy

* BuzzStream


* Traackr

* Hollyfy

* NeoReach

* Julius

* HypeTap

* TapInfluence

* Upfluence

* CreatorIQ

* Grin

* Crowdly

* DeepSocial

* Shopsense

* Buzzoka

* Buzoole

* Hoozu



* Insightpool

* Jamballa

* Instagrammers

* Klear

* Klout

* Markerly

        Those are my list though if you know more best of them which are not included here, let me know the comment.

How To Make Money With FAMEBIT As An Influencer Marketer In 2010 – 2019

What Is Famebit And How Does It Work: Famebit is an online influencer marketing platform own by google which deal with a direct communication between the publishers or affiliate (which is you) and a company who are willing and capable to pay for a services from you, which simply means that you will be the one in charge to bid them any amount that you will render in other to promote their services or brand either on your facebook, youtube, instagram or twitter account.

Famebit Registration Guides And Requirement

Famebit is still one of the trending influencer marketing platform where you can make money with your social network account which is just like TopBuzz but famebit is far more different than TopBuzz. What trigger me to share this even when everyone thinks that famebit is dead is because, few days ago while chatting with a friend from India who shared his famebit payment proof to me on how he made $500 from famebit in 2010 earlier May / June

Famebit Requirements As A Creator

* Creator must have at least minimum of 5000 followers of any social media account of theirs like either YouTube, Facebook, instagram or twitter

* Creator should have a PayPal account so as to receive money online from famebit

* Creator must be 18 years old and above

* Creator must be from a supported country allowed by famebit (China is not supported)

How To Register An Account On Famebit

Famebit can be operated either online or through their app – download famebit android and iOS app on google playstore

* Since you have the required, that means you are eligible to be a famebit creator so firstly, all you have to do is head over to and select or click the button that state “I Am A Creator” – to earn while “I Am A Brand” – to advertise.

* Now authenticate famebit with any of your social media account that has minimum of 5000 followers (YouTube,e Facebook page, twitter or instagram account)

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* How to get instant and real 5000 followers on your twitter account

* How to get instant and real 5000 followers on your instagram account

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* Done, head over and start submit a good proposal on famebit brand and once accepted, you may now start earning, so far so good, one or two brand will hire a day.

Enjoy while it last

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