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How To Mine Bitcoin Without Investing And How To Make Money Online From Bitcoin In Nigeria

Many has fall into this bitcoin scam, fake bitcoin mining software, fake and scam bitcoin website despart the extreme focus of bitcoin as it continue to rise and becoming expensive this days.

What Is Bitcoin And How Does Bitcoin Work

This is the kind of question beginners or newbie ask about bitcoin and how it works, how to make money online with bitcoin without investing, well i have come across such question somewhere with my friends though i have also come to answer those questions.

Bitcoin is a digital gold coin based on electronic cash which can be used to make payment through the means of online transaction without the use of a single administrators on bank. Bitcoin is also known as CryptoCurrency which was announced, released or launched in the year 2009 by an unknown group of people or firm using a specific name and symbol “Satoshi Nakamoto“, that above is about bitcoin and how it works.

How To Earn More Bitcoin For Free Without Investing Or Paying

Stop been faking around, stop been scammed by this hungry bitcoin beast who claimed on how they make so much money on bitcoin, all you should know is that you dont need money to get bitcoin, you dont need to invest in bitcoin by spending money but right here i will teach you how to get bitcoin for free as i continued with the definitive guide to bitcoin mining as a beginner and also the step by step process on how to make money online with bitcoin as a beginner and expert.

Step 1

How To Get Bitcoin Wallet As A Beginner

As a newbie or beginner to bitcoin, all you have to do at your first start is getting a bitcoin wallet account.

What Is Bitcoin Wallet Account
Incase you dont know what bitcoin wallet mean and you have been hearing about it since or even now. According to my own understanding which was grab from the wikipedia definitiona and laterly reformed or extract by me is that, Bitcoin Wallet is either an online website or software which stores the
private and public keys saved in the persons bitcoin account which can be use to make online payment like paying bills, shopping online, booking flight online, buying web hosting with bitcoin and so on. It is also state that the wallet can contain too many public and private keys on the persons account and it cannot be saved elsewhere apart from the wallet and those keys are said to be either be use to received money (funds) online and alsi be use to send money (funds) online to another persons bitcoin wallet account without the use of MasterCard or through bank transfer or deposit though after receiving bitcoin, you can as well withdrawl bitcoin as cash through bank or ATM.

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Top 5 Bitcoin Wallet To Get In 2018 / 2019

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet Review: Electrum wallet is one of the best bitcoin wallet software and online tools in 2018 and 2019 which is user friendly, fast and speed, conveniences for user and easy to understand.

CoinBase Wallet Review: CoinBase now have full support of Etherum, Litecoin and the bitcoin cash which can be use to sell, buy bitcoins easily and also user friendly and easy to use. Review: Incase if you haven’t heard of before, Blockchain is a best suite to existence of some of this present digital currencies and bitcoin this days which has more security than any.

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RobinHood Wallet Review: Robinhood is a free online stock trading platform which deals with buying and selling online with bitcoin and also exchange just like the CoinBase.

Exodus Wallet Review: Exodus is just a pretty and beautiful user friendly bitcoin wallet which has same similarity or function same just like Electrum but somehow in different mode view when use on desktop.

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Step 2

How To Mine Bitcoin Without Investing Or Buying Bitcoin

In the bitcoin technology, they are only two ways one can get bitcoin which are:

* Buying Of Bitcoin

* Mining Of Bitcoin

Buying Of Bitcoin: This process is been done when one needs bitcoin urgently, is either busy, does not know or can not mine bitcoin, then the person is said to buy bitcoin from those who have it requested bitcoin amount and those set of people selling bitcoin will either agree on price negotiation or their bitcoin has been fixed.

Mining Of Bitcoin: Mining of bitcoin as been the best method to the increase of bitcoin in wallet account which deals with a dedicated hardwares on pc, computer or desktop (which is called FPGAs or ASICs).

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Best Web Hosting Companies That Accept Bitcoin As Payment

Top 5cBest Bitcoin Mining Software In 2018 / 2019

* BitMinter

* MultiMiner

* Cloud Mining – (Top 2 Best Cloud Mining Are: Genesis Mining and HashFlare Mining).

* CGMiner

* BFGminer

Top 10 Best Buy And Sell Bitcoin Website In 2018 And 2019

* CoinBase


* Quadriaga CX

* Square Cash

* Robinhood

* Coin Exchange

* CoinMama

* CoinBasePro

* Binance

* Kraken

Top 4 Ultimate Ways To Get Bitcoin Without Buying Them Or Spending Money To Get Bitcoin

In my own tutorials, they are only 4 best ways i use to get bitcoin without buying them and such ways are nothing much or stressful which are:

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1) Selling Items Online: You can either sell any thing online and in return been paid with bitcoin though to have seen that most of this webhosting companies accept bitcoin payment, online shopping and ecommerce website like jumia, aliexpress, alibaba accept bitcoin payment after ordering online which is a good idea on the other side but incase yours are different, below are the list where you can sell something ( digital etc ) online and get bitcoin as a payment.

Top 4 Best Bitcoin MarketPlace Forum In 2018 And 2019

Bitcoin marketplace forums are one of the best way one can sell his or her digital products and in return receive bitcoin as payment.

* BitCoinTalk


* OpenBazaar

* Bitify

2) Get Bitcoin By Creating Online Content: They are some online website that credit your bitcoin wallet when your content becomes viral, get more views, get much comment and interaction, get more social signal which are:

* Steemit

* Supload

3) Join The Bitcoin Freelancing Jobbers: They are some freelancing services you can do online and get bitcoin as payment process so why dont you be a bitcoin freelancer by joining any of the below list which are:

* Coinality

* Bitgigs

* XBTfreelancer

* Crypto Grinder

Conclusion As you can see, even if you are a newbie, novice or beginner on bitcoin or cryptocurrency world, i have given you the best bitcoin step by step process with definitive guide and i acknowledge you to follow those step and i believed that you will not be scammed again, find it difficulty on bitcoin and also know very well from buying and selling with bitcoin as a bitcoiner.

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