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How to remove fleas from your basement

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One of the most annoying problems that we have to deal with in our home might be getting rid of fleas. You have taken some ways to eliminate them on your pets, inside your house and your bathroom but what about your basement? Follow us to see how we can treat fleas in your basement in this article.

The danger of fleas to human health

Humans are often bitten by the fleas on cats and dogs most. They can be found in the neck and belly of dogs and cats. There is also a species on human (Pulex irritans) but it is less important because the fleas do not usually stay on the human body after sucking blood. During the daytime, fleas hide in the interstices, interiors, carpets, blankets, curtains, beds and mattresses. The flea bites can cause itching and discomfort. More severely, they can bring allergic reactions and dermatitis. In addition, the flea on mice can also spread the rash. This disease occurs in many parts of the world, especially in the areas where people live in houses with mice. Sometimes, fleas are also capable of spreading other diseases caused by bacteria or parasites from animals to humans.

The importance of getting rid of fleas in your basement

Treating fleas in your basement is an important issue that you should not ignore. They can easily spread to your pets and your home unless you check carefully. Even you and your pets seldom go down to the basement, the fleas can multiply quickly.

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Easy steps to kill fleas

Use vegetable powder mixed with boric acid: The easiest way to kill fleas is to treat them when they are at the most vulnerable stage – the egg stage and the larvae. Adult fleas only live for one week without blooding from the host while fleas can live for months, so it is important to attack the larvae first. This mixture can help you prevent fleas from multiplying. The vegetable powder is probably the oldest natural insecticides. Borate is a mineral that is widely used a wood preservative, detergent and insecticide which has the effect of causing gastrointestinal toxicity to fleas. Be careful not to inhale the mixture of vegetable flour and borate. Wear a mask when handling the powder mixture.

Use the lemon juice to get rid of fleas in your house: Cut lime into thin slices and put in 500 ml of water then boil it. Keep the mixture overnight to have the best effect. Pour the mixture into the sprayer and spray on the flea areas.

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Spray insect growth regulator: IGR like Nylar can prevent fleas from growing, thereby breaking their reproductive cycle. This is quite helpful when you try to control large numbers of fleas. The most economical way is to buy liquid chemicals and mix them according to the instructions that come with the product. Normally, you should spray at least twice, about three and a half weeks apart. IGR is not toxic to mammals. Therefore, it is suitable for homes with kids and small animals such as hamsters, reptiles or fish.

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Apply flea chemicals: use ones approved by the Ministry of Health to control fleas. It is important to use the right product. For flea control, look for products that contain methoprene or pyriproxyfen. These products break the life cycle of fleas, inhibiting flea breeding ability in your home. Like all insecticides, you need to see how to use it on the packaging or consult the manufacturer. Do not apply these products to your pet or skin.

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Finally, you should check fleas again by using flashlights or magnifying. Repeat the process if you still find the fleas.

Getting rid of fleas might be a hard task but if you follow our suggestions, you can treat them easily. If you find this information useful, you can share with others.

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