Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

“I Sold My Virginity For 1m Dollars ” – Regina Daniel

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Popular “16 year” old actress Regina Daniels as revealed a shocking source of her wealth aside nollywood movies.
Regina daniels after buying two Mercedes Benz for herself and a house for her mum, without having to act in so many movies, has became a social media hot topic.  The new trend of nollywood actresses  buying exotic cars and homes have left the male actors in the same business stunned at how the women are making so much in the same field.
We also hear reports that some of the male actors are now considering  pornography just to be able to get more “cheda” on the side.
Hyperstv caught up with the 16 year old actress to tell us her source of income as fans keep saying she has a bigger god or a list of gods.  She said “i don’t have gods, i just sold my virginity at the right price. i entered nollywood a virgin and i had someone contact me if i was willing to sell mine for a million dollars.

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