Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Introducing HypersTv Best Dj Mixtape 2018

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As the year 2018 is running to an end so as we are preparing for the massive music release in 2019 and what actually do i mean by massive music release?. Well, the game in the entertainment music industry are full of challenges by the well known music stars or celebrities in which the upcoming music artist will find it difficult to overtake them from far behind process and be heard, why? because, the audience, fans and lovers of music love hearing and listening to those stars than the upcoming artist, the upcoming artist song maybe hard to aired on tv station, radio station or even seen online because everyone focus on the successful one. Meanwhile, right here on hyperstv we are using this medium to do a massive music promotion through this Hyperstv music Dj mixtape 2018 and if you are an upcoming artist this will be the very best opportunity you will never love to miss, why? Because during the promotion, we guaranty you (upcoming artist) that this Hyperstv Dj Mixtape 2018 will reach over 250,000+ views and will have a total of more than 100,000 downloads.

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How Is It Possible To Reach Such Kind Of Views And Downloads

It is very possible and easy for us to reach such kind of views and downloads because, apart from the massive promotions we will also distribute this mixtape by hyperstv to other popular music blogs, entertainment and news websites.

How To Enroll For This: How To Submit Your Musics Online In 2018 On Hyperstv

Well, we are offering this services for cheap and affordable amount of N3,500 per song.

Normally, after this services the price of music promotion on hyperstv may increase to N15,000 per song so like i said above, this is the very best opportunity you will never love to miss for a chance.

How Do I Pay For This Offer

Bank Name: Union Bank

Account Name: Ikeh Francis Oluchi

Account Number: 0073829004

After sending your payment of N3,500, kindly contact us and make sure you send the below list to us through the contact form.

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Name Of Depositor:

Date Of Payment

Artist (stage) Name:

Artist Facebook Page Link:

Artist Instagram Link:

Artist Twitter Username:

Artist Brief Bio:

Music or Video: State One

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If you are from outside nigeria you can make payment through paypal – skyevibescom@gmail.com

To send us your music or video, send it to us through whatsapp only +2349020840389 and make sure you give us a call so as we will be notified about your music or video sent to us by you.

This promotions is categorias accordingly which are:

Dj mixtape of Hip Hop music 2018

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Dj mixtape of Rapper Music 2018

Dj mixtape of Gospel 2018

Dj mixtape of Afrobeat Music 2018

Dj mixtape of Juju Music 2018

Dj mixtape of Apala Music 2018

Dj mixtape of Blues Music 2018

Submission of music or video is valid till 27th October 2018 and promotions begins on the 30th of October 2018

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