Kenya Vs Nigeria: Victoria Kimani Shades Nigerians Over Poor Electricity Supply

Victoria Kimani joined the #KenyaVsNigeria Twitter war by shading Nigerians over hatred they tweet without electricity… and she got dragged for it too.
The Kenyan singer formerly singed to a Nigerian record label ‘Chocolate City’ tweeted;
I just wonder …. after tweeting all the hatred some people tweet … and realizing that they don’t have ample electricity to charge their phone after tweeting the tweets ….. how do they honestly feel about their life ?
See Reaction Below
They are coming for you.
You can attack her cos you want to support Nigeria.
But deep down our souls, we knw that she has said the truth about the failure of our systems.
E-wars like this should make us think critically from those savage punch lines
see mumu why she con base for naija now she for go back Kenya the kind hate other countries get for naija eehn the thing weak me ooo

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