Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Kidnappers Disguised As SARS Caught In Lagos

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I Dayo O. Davies being a young Video Director, yesterday for the first time in my life I saved a guy from KIDNAPPERS that claimed to be SARS/IMMIGRATION officers. Arriving at Lekki Phase one, I saw a young guy being dragged by two men which I confidently stopped, introduced myself as a Media Press and asked them what the young guy has done for him to deserve this kind of treatment because this guy was being slapped, kicked and dragged seriously wanting to force him into a commercial bus (DANFO). The guy answered that he didn’t do anything, he explained that he was stopped by these men and they asked him for his ID card which he provided and the next thing was for them to start slapping him telling him that he is not a NIGERIAN. Immediately, I challenged these men to let me see their own ID cards to be sure they are SARS/IMMIGRATION officers, but they could not! As i noticed they could not identify themselves.

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