Leaked Video Of Neymar Jnr Getting Hit By The Lady Accusing Him Of Rape

A leaked video showing Brazilian and PSG forward Neymar Jnr getting hit by the same woman who accused him of rape has surfaced online.

Recall a few days ago. the PSG star was accused by one Najila Trindade Mendes for rape in a hotel in Paris.
However, the leaked video might prove otherwise as Neymar Jnr was seen been hit by the particular lady in question which proofs his innocence of the rape accusation. The leaked footage shows the lady hitting him and asking him to be hit her back.
See translation of their conversation below.
Neymar: I don’t wanna be beaten.
Girl: Then you’ll hit me..
Neymar: No, no I do not like it, no.
Girl: But I’m going to hit you! Do you know why? Because yesterday you attacked me and left me here alone!
Neymar: Don’t do that! Calm down. Wait a second! Calm down.

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