Wed. Mar 27th, 2019

[lyrics] Tekno – Woman

[Intro] Afam bu Tekno (My name is Tekno)
But you can call me Mbaku

[Pre-Chorus] Them say woman place na for Kitchen
Say she suppose to fry all the chicken
No suppose to talk for the meeting
Concern herself with the cleaning

[Chorus] Yo yo yo
My mother is a woman
You cannot talk like this
Rihanna is a woman
I say come whine it for Daddy o
Come whine it for Daddy o
Control it Mummy o
I want to teach you the dance oh eh

[Bridge] Jigijigi kokpewa
Tomato wantanamera
Ahan dance kira
Potatoe dance, do shakara
Jigijigi kokpewa
Tomato wantanamera
I say dance kira
dance, do shakara

[Verse 1] A woman can be a helper
A woman can be a lover
A woman can be a teacher
A woman can be the President
Say you want your baby for kitchen
I want my baby beside me

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