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Amazon Affiliate Marketing Stream: How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate In Nigeria

Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program In Nigeria, India
Amazon Affiliate In Nigeria –

Ever since the debut of amazon affiliate in nigeria, everyone want to make money online easily in a quick way. Well, are you that type of bloggers, entrepreneur, digital marketer who really focus on making money from the above professions, normally some of this people will tell you that they do all this for passions or for fun meanwhile no one, i repeat no one do things for passion without having side interest of making money from, most especially those listed professions above.

   However, Amazon is the best alternative to google adsense but not my type of making money or i have no interest in making money from amazon because of how the sales tragedy was very complicated to me but ever since i made a thoroughful research with some little help from a friend of mine who finalized the working tricks to make passive income revenue from amazon affiliate (marketing) in nigeria. Therefore, i can as well count some unbelievable figures which i made.

Notes: I dont actually meant that my friend was only the workable one behind my journey to make money with amazon affiliate but not that if they is nothing like “Thoroughful Research“, “Think” and “Hardwork” things won’t work accordingly, which i called those things “My Plans and My Role” to amazon affiliate money making process, if you dont do those three (3) major things, then dont think is gonna be that easy to make money online using amazon

How To Make Passive Income Revenue From Amazon Affiliate Program – Top 5 Best Amazon Marketing Tactics

1 Make A Plan And Get The Foundation Ready: I have talked much about laying a strong foundation in business success process and make a plan on my previous articles, if you come to think of me, am a serious person who makes sure my starting point is more stronger that it can can carry me throughout even if i become weak on some path that i couldn’t carry thats why i make sure my foundation and my plans collides in agreement, works stronger, together and bring some meanin gful income – this is what i called

The secret to business failure and how to handle it to become successful again

    Below are the step i took to make sure i make my money from amazon affiliate in nigeria because is likekly to be 67% easy for the United State resident.

* Own A Blog: Aside of working client, here, am talking of how you make money for yourself and for your client and as well how to become the young boss in entrepreneur. The first thing which you must do is to own a blog that will speak for you in terms of this tactics (Earn Money Online).

* Choose The Right Niche For Your Blog: Whats the best thing that you can offer that is in amazon. Choosing a niche simply mean what kind of porfolio are you best in, or what kind of articles can you talk better at? lets look below and see if you are fit to any of them below.

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Top 6 Best Amazon Paying Niche That You Should Focus More On

The below list are either in ebooks, digital, equipment in Amazon affiliate

) Entertainment Niche: This type of niche on amazon affiliate covers everything under entertainment instrument such as: Music, video, tv, radio, content etc.

ii) This type of niche talks more about health equipment such as: Drugs, Ladies wear, Health books, pregnancy etc.

iii) Teavel Niche: This is mainly about places, people, culture, country, food, tour ticket etc

iv) Fashion Niche: This talks everything about dresses, shoes, kids wear, swags, eye glasses etc

v) Digital Marketing Niche: this type of niche talks much more about digital product and maketing tactics.

vi) Office And House Niche: Only talks about house, kitchen, office equipment

vii) Business Niche: this is known as the make money niche on amazon affiliate which talks buying and selling products.

* Keyword Research Your Amazon Affilate Niched: Bear it in mind that if you are to make money everyday from the amazon starting from today, you must be ranking on search engine ahead of your competitors with your amazon keywords niche .

How To Rank Your Keywords On Amazon Affiliate In Search Engine – The Quick And Easy Guide

I believed you would have known how to do keyword research using semrush tool, if not, that could be seen on any of the post found Here.

   To rank a keyword for your amazon affiliate blog niche, i recommend you makes use of the long tail keyword for amazon affiliate because they are easy to rank than the short tail keyword for amazon affiliate, lets take some practical example below.


If you are to rank on a keyword, you should as well look for the high demand and low competitor on amazon keyword using the long tail keyword process…. For example between long tail keyword vs short tail keyword Click Here

Top 13 Free And Premium Amazon Keyword Research And Suggestion Tools

The amazon keyword ranking tools, research and suggestion tools has been so helpful to me and below are the list.

* Google Keyword Planner – This keyword research tools has a free version of it own and is been done online

* Keyword Inspector – With just $39,95 you can access the keyword research tools online which covers all features that will enable you the real stats most especially on the competitors side

* Keyword Tool Dominator – This tool is said to be access as a paid version of $49.99 by the developer and it also has an already made Google Chrome Extention which can be use to track online

* Keyword Tool – Is also free and can be done or called free online keyword research tool

* Sonar – This tool is for amazon keyword research and ranking tools only and is free with having the google extention which is for best features

* Amz One: It has a free and paid version and will suggest you go for the paid version if you want the best in keyword research tool

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* Keyword Keg: With just $8 per month, you can get the best features of knowing the best suit keyword with high in demand and low in competitors

* AMZ Tracker: It is one of the best keyword research software but with just $33.3 you can get the download software on your laptop

* Keyword Eye: Is been done online but it worth about $35 only

* AMZ Sistrix: Is free and has a very good features like those above

* Seo Chat: Is also available for free

* KeywordKiwi: Is not the most costly amazon keyword research tools but is one of the best which worth about $2,500 to get

* Seo Stack: ever heard of the stack? this is the best free keyword research software for amazon affiliates and can be downloaded for free.

* Published Out Your Blog Content: Since you owned a blog, have a niche, did some keyword research for your blog content now is time to published out the content, the content about you can discuss best after choosing your niched.

2 Work Out Your Plan

After making a plan and laying a foundation, dont get out of the line becau se you may fail if you eventually do such, though what you should do now is to work out your plan and see how good you are in the field with many competitors.

* Increase Your Domain Authority: is not gonna be easy if you haven’t increase your domain authority before and if not, you must do so as it could be very easy to rank your keyword on amazon, meanwhile i would seprately dicussed how to increase your domain authority on a amazon affiliate blog ob my next topic of content – Stay tune.

* Do Guest Posting: Doing guest posting on other blog is not a force for you to do it by yourself because you can as well hire professionals to do it for you but doing it by yourself is very much recommended

* Do Blog Commenting: It is a great idea if you do comment on a high reputable dofollow enable blog for your amazon affiliate.

3 Target The Right Audience On Your Amazon Affiliate Blog

Try make some plan of spending which i called spend and earn. As a normal case in life, you need to spend before you can earn thats why you must spend to get the right and targeted audience to your amazon blog by promoting your content or blog.

4 Improve The Ranking Of Your Keyword

Niche and keyword are two different things entirely but in such ways, you need to make sure your keywords are ranking on google, bing or any other search engine first to third page, this is known as Amazon Keyword Ranking Tactics but in memorandum, link building can improve your ranking too.

5 Conclusion Part

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