Mini Importation Business In Nigeria: How To Import Goods From China To Nigeria

What if I told you that you could make six figure from a business and I told you the exact same business and work you on how to do it, would you rather accept?
What if I told you that this business is an answer to your financial needs, would you rather allow me to show you how it is done more professionally?
This is a tutorial which i titled ” Cracked Importation: How To Import Goods / Product From China To Nigeria “, where you will learn everything about importation business in Nigeria and how to get started and there is alot to learn in this importation business tutorial / course.
Here is a secret how this big gem company makes a huge some of money daily from this mini importation business, companies like jumia, konga are good examples because this set of company import billion naira of goods and their profit are triple than the cost of shipping and buying the goods from China and other country as long as product defers.
Am a good testimony of this kind of business opportunity because I have import goods worth of 50,000 naira ( #50,000 ) and makes profit of 370,000 naira ( #370,000 ) from it which is a kind of real business that has value and profit.
Here are some kind of my goods which I imported from China to Nigeria, some of them are for sell while some are for personal uses just to flirt the warmth of goodies on it.

And the below image is my recent shipped goods from China to Nigeria for personal wear and it only cost me 2,000 naira ( #2,000 ) for the two.

So tell me, if am to sell the above image which is any of the shoe in Nigeria, do you think 4,000 naira ( #4,000 ) worth to sell it?, No, because I can easily sell such shoes for 6,500 naira ( #6,500 ) last since am living in Lagos where things like that goes well, imagine taking that kind of shoe to ikoyi, Victoria island, oshodi, Ajegunle at boundary ( Apapa ), idumota and other market places in Lagos, I can even sell the shoe more than the 6,500 naira in some places.
So let me specific to tell you how this trending or popular goods are been bought cheaply and shipped to Nigeria from China, Japan etc.
Am using my newly imported shoe as an example, in China, their currency is Yuan which has a symbol of ¥ likewise Nigeria using naira and a symbol of N.
In china, there is a lot of manufacturers and you can buy a wholesale goods in a cheap price but my shoe is worth ¥20 each and if you do currency converter from yuan ( ¥ ) to Naira ( N ) of ¥20, if am not mistakenly, it should be N65.69 naira in Nigeria currency ( kindly check the attachment below for confirmation ),

imagine such kind of cheap and small money to buy that kind of shoe where you’d sell it for N8,000 naira in Nigeria…..
Ok fine, let’s say i bought the shoe for N65.69 in Nigeria currency, then since I bought 2 shoes, the calculations will then be N65.69 X 2 which will be 65.69 + 65.69 is equals to = N131.38 naira which is approximately N132 naira, so, that’s the amount of the two shoes. Now let’s head over to shipping it to Nigeria and moreover to my resident, so I use a particular cheap procurement and shipping company that can shipped goods from China to Nigeria and their product per kg cost are cheap, like I mean, I don’t seems to be shaking when they billed me for shipping prices so finally I paid them for the weight which they calculated for the two shoes as 1.3kg, furthermore, I paid $5 for shipping it to Lagos – Nigeria and $5 in currency converter to Nigeria currency is N1,800 naira so

finally, the goods has arrived and the total money which the parcel ( goods or product ) was bought and shipped from China to Nigeria is been calculated as N132 ( which is the initial price of buying the two shoes ) + N1,800 ( which is the final destination price for shipping the goods ) is equals to = N1,932 naira, and since I lived in Lagos, it won’t be a difficult thing or another charges before I get my goods at hands so, think about the price that fine good looking shoe will cost if am to sell it of kindly check only for the price of the shoe.
Here, am willing to teach you that same logic process which I took in getting cheap product and knowing about this business, my friend, before this year will come to an end, you will join me thanking God for the money that youve made from this importation business opportunity in Nigeria.
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Where Can I Buy A Product Cheap And Sell It High On Nigerian Ecommerce Sites Such As Jumai, Konga.
How do I sell my product on jumia, konga, and the questions continue on and on.
If this is you, then finally God has answered your secret prayers. Search no more as I am going to reveal to you how to break into the gold mine of the importation business, learning the nitty gritty of the market. But before we proceed, do you know that importation is the only business in Nigeria as at now, that you can start at the comfort of your home with as low as N10,000 start up capital and start making 100% profit almost in no time. Wondered? Not yet; follow me as you will soon see more bargain for your time. Importation business is the simplest business to start with low capital. That is why it is actually called mini importation. But many that tried and never succeeded thinks it is the hardest business ever to venture in and its profits are for the big guys only. This is only true if you don’t have the right knowledge it takes to run the business successfully which is while I congratulate you for reading this post. As far as this business and articles are concern, if you take the necessary step, you will in no time equipped yourself with the right foundation and the following knowledge to break through in the business.
So, in this tutorial, they are two set of methods categorized which are:
1: The Basic Method
2: The Pro Method
Looking at those two method listed above, the basic method defers from the pro method as I explain more about them below.
The Basic Method: Talking about the basic method about mini importation business in nigeria, here on my tutorial, is the kind of eBook which you don’t need to spend money at all so let’s know about it as we read on.
Below are the content written on the basic method which are necessary and important for one to know about when it comes to importing goods that are trending and cheap from China and sell it costly in Nigeria.
– How You Can Easily Start This Importation Business At The Comfort Of Your Home With Little Capital.
– How To Procure Your Goods, Using Reliable Agents (Tested And Trusted) To Handle The Procurement.
– The Best Shipping Company To Help You Deliver Your Goods To You In Nigeria. (Tested And Trusted) No Stories And They Charged Cheaper Than Others (That’s what am using like I said earlier).
– How You Can Sell Your Imported Goods Here In Nigerian Ecommerce Stores Like Jumia, Konga, Dealday Etc, And Make Over 100% Profit.
– How To Chat With Chinese Manufacturer With Ease Even When You Can’t Speak Or Write In Chinese.
– How To Order For Goods Your Self Without Any Procurement Agent Or Middle Man.
– How To Easily Spot Fake Or Good Products
– How To Discover Hot Products That Will Sell Like Hot Fire Here In Nigeria ( That’s trending, popular product that you will be able to sell faster ).
– Also, I Will Show You Where Nigeria Jumia/Konga Importers Buy A Product Of Below N500 And Sell Them On The Ecommerce Site For As High As N10k
– Do You Have Alipay Or Wechat Payment Enable But Find It Difficult To Fund It, Worry No More As I Got You Covered.
– While You Should Not Buy Goods From Aliexpress And The Best Three (3) Companies To Buy From.
The list of contents mentioned above is all about the The Basic Method and you can get the eBook for just N3,000 naira only.
The simple truth about everything thing here is that you can really get to start with as low as N10k. Read on.
The Pro Method The pro method is the most advance method because you get all it takes at a tip of hand and below are what the pro method content includes which are:
– The Basic Method: you will get the basic method lectures / tutorial
– Online Video Chat Between You And I
– An e-Commerce website like Jumia: I and my team of web developer will build a well furnished an online e-commerce website like jumia, konga or any of your choices where to market your goods online.
– An SEO work: I myself will set up your e-commerce website seo where you will be ranking on Google and other search engine for getting customers online.
– Digital Marketing: I will teach you either both affiliate and digital marketing on how to make your goods get fast selling point from a targeted customers who are interested on such goods particularly.
Mind you, everything written up here is just a tip of the iceberg. There is no best way to know how thirsty or bad a food is until you thirst or eat it yourself. Even as this hold true for everything, yet I can assure you the best value for your money when you choose to go with my tutorials. Mouth can’t explain the value you are getting for your money.
Nonetheless will I forget to tell you that you are getting:
– Full time support from me and a video tutorials when you opt in for my pro method tutorials.
The list of contents mentioned above is all about the The Pro Method and you can get the eBook for just N70,000 naira only ( Note that the website designing is the reason this price goes high ) Meanwhile, if you don’t need an e-Commerce website for the pro method, then the price for the The Pro Method without website creation is 25,000 only.
Hold on a bit, Did you just saw video tutorials? Yes, and I meant it when I said so.
The Best On The Industry : giving you all the support you would ever need in this business and giving you practical teachings through videos.
And I Over Heard You Ask : What more do i need to start and succeed?
You only need one thing and that is my full tutorial where I get to teach you all that you need to start and succeed and propel yourself to financial freedom. Do not become an obstacle to your financial freedom this time around.
The school tells you to spend close to N500k just to acquire certificate without any guarantee for work but I’m telling you to spend only ( N3,000 for The Basic Method or N25,000 for The Pro Method ) with a guarantee to making yourself out of lack. It’s your choice. Think no more as that will place you on the limitation’s tab. I encourage you to quickly reach out to me as to secure for yourself also a first class coaching from an expert like me.
What Do I Do Next ?
Use any of the contact below this info to quickly reach out to me and my offer.
(Guess what, I have a new site for you where you can easily find buyers who are ready to spend the cash on your products.)
“When you go out with flies, you will be like flies, act like flies and soon will become one of them. When you go out with goat, you will equally be like them and become one of them in no time. And when you go out with successful people, you will be like them, act like them and become successful like them in no time. ( Bmi’s quote. ).”
Therefore, when you go with me, you will learn like me, act like me and soon become successful like me in no time. Now it’s my pleasure to tell you just a little bit of my success story so far in this business:
Who Am I ?
Am Okonkwo Nnaemeka Precious , the Cofounder of and am a blogger, young entrepreneur, seo enthusiast ( expert ), a web designer or developer and moreover, here is planet earth, you don’t get what you need without spending so to all my success story, I spent to the right source to learn and gain from it.
For The EBook Ordering kindly make a payment to the below bank details which is:
Bank Name : Fidelity Bank
Account Name : Okonkwo Nnaemeka Precious
Account Number : 6555906832
After payment, kindly text us a message to either our official mail or phone numbers containing your payment proves like:
Name Of Depositor
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If its Bank transfer, kindly state the place where the bank is located or the bank branch
How would you want us to send you the eBook, Whatsapp or through email ? If its on whatsapp send along with your whatsapp number or if its on email, send the above along with your email ID address.
Send Everything To :
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Our Tel / Whatsapp Number The phone number here is the official phone number of – 08134263408 or +234813 4263408

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