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Money Can Buy Love: Las Las Reginal Daniel Is A Scam

Regina Daniel Is A Scam Girlfriend To Somadina
Thunder may burst somebody’s head that will say money can’t buy love, now flashback the recent buzz going on between the poor and the rich overcoming to get their love.
Well let me be straight to my word because to be sincere, if things are going like this always, I myself might not be a trusted lover but remember that saying that “Las Las Love Nah Scam”, Nah dem but this time around the ladies are the ones who scratch things the most.
Moreover, will I say that ever since Regina Daniel and her ex – boyfriend was together, does it mean she was faking things like I mean she was pretending to be in love with the young boy Somadina?
Wait, remember the old school days, they is nothing like pretending to be in love like I mean in the 1899 downward, now its simply mean nothing can be done without money.
This is ridiculous knowing that both Regina Daniel and her ex boyfriend (Somadina) are just playing like a kids with no hard feelings.
Well this is not the first time I heard about such kind of buzz about celebrities like the riches buying love with money, not that I don’t know them but you may ask Uncle Davido Adeleke And Chioma, the love was strong after the assurance given or bought by Monet which is same thing as Money Buy Love Than Emotional Feelings

” So all this shori shori thing when their two they flirt and eat together, its now ending like a Nigeria movie? – Las Las Regina Daniel Nah Scam”

Somadina - Regina Daniel Boyfriend
Bro Somadina, I feel for you because am a guy like you but nevertheless, they are many beautiful fishes on the river which are good to be at home so let’s go catch some and make them a wife together – take heart cox I feel the emotions for you.
Advice to all guys like us: Hustle tight and don’t let them show you the tough ways of heartbroken to the quick way of suicide because Love Nah Scam…

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