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My Ways Of Getting 100k Daily Traffic On My BlogSpot

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With lot of online tutorials going on, only 16% talks about blogspot (blogger) traffic tutorial while the rest percentage talks about wordpress, ecommerce and forum blog but to all, wordpress has much more percentage than all when it comes to traffic tutorials, traffic tools, traffic software and even the saying of bot tools, bot software and also traffic exchanges are mainly used for wordpress because the value of using wordpress has more than 1 billion people using wordpress worldwide but today i will exposed the secret of how to drive more than 100k real and organic traffic to your blogspot [blogger] blog.

Notes This tutorials covers everything and is mainly for blogspot [blogger] blog and as usual deep lectures will be told to your understanding.

How To Create A Blogspot [Blogger] Blog – Beginners Guide

Pardon me gurus, i knew you may know about this part but am starting my point from here so as the newbies, beginners can also be carried on.

i) You must have a plan of what your blogspot blog will be all about

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ii) You must have a name [Domain Name] that will comply with what your blog gonna be

iii) now Click Here and click the register button if you haven’t done that before.

iv) Fill all the required form box correctly and make sure your blogspot subdomain correspond with what your blog niche is.

For instance – should be for business niche.

v) Then click the continue or save button and that, you’ve gotten a blogspot domain and up next is using or doing an SEO responsive designed for your blogspot blog.

How To Designed Or Upload A Blogspot Theme/Template Without Having Error At The End

Sign in to Blogger, and on your Blogger Dashboard, tap the Outline interface.

Tap the Alter HTML tab.

Tap the Download Full Layout connection and spare it to your PC.

Influence a note of the record to name and where you spared it in the event that you require it later!

Unfasten the format document you downloaded from another website.

Back on the Alter HTML page, tap the Pick Record catch.

Explore to where you spared the unfastened records on your PC, and double tap the one that closures in

.xml .

Tap the Transfer catch.

On the off chance that you as of now make them exist gadgets on your Blogger blog, you may get a notice message requesting that whether you need keep them or erase them. On the off chance that you need to save the work you’ve done previously, tap the Keep Gadgets catch. On the off chance that you needn’t bother with them any longer, tap the Erase Gadgets catch.

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At the point when the transfer is finished, you get a message at the highest point of the page that says Your Progressions Have Been Spared.

Tap the View Blog catch to guarantee that your blog looks the way you need it to look.

You may need to expel or move some page components so as to get the format to show legitimately.

Some free Blogger formats you find on the web might be contradictory with the latest adaptation of Blogger. On the off chance that this transpires, you’ll either need to discover somebody extremely savvy who knows how to alter XML, or you’ll need to locate an alternate layout to transfer! You can likewise reinstall the layout you downloaded as a reinforcement, or utilize the Format Architect.

Top 25 Best And Latest SEO Responsive Blogspot [Blogger] Template For Adsense

1. Bresponsive – Professional Premium Design
2. SpiceMag – Blogger Template
3. Gamer MagZ – News, Sports, Tech Template
4.Blogger News Times – Blogger Template
5. Blogger NewsPaper – Blogger Template
6. Blogger Mag – Blogger Template
7. Media Online Blogger Template
8. Johny Darkfire Blogger Template
9. News News Blogger Template
10. Johny Magazine Blogger Template
11. SUV Mag Blogger Template
12. News Net Blogger Template
13. Breaking News Blogger Template
14. News mash
15. GLIDER v2 Blogger Template
16. Blog Shadow blogger Template
17. News Tut Blogger Template
18. Metapami Magazine Blogger Template
19. Instinct
20 .LightenBlue
21. Norma
22. Health Press
24. Metro Simple
25 . Canyon

16 Tactics Ways To Get 100k Daily Real Traffic To Your Blogspot [Blogger] Blog

Hahahaha up there i made a quick lecture on how to create and designed a blogspot [blogger] blog with responsive seo template because i knew that those guys who really need the main part of this tutorial will be like “Presh Arthur” whats actually wrong with you, when are you gonna give the main part of this tutorial? Meanwhile, nothing is wrong with me, is just that am been kindful and helpful to also carry the newbies along because on my tutorial agenda, i include a statement saying, “No one is exempted because everyone is special and should be carry along” so gurus dont quote me wrong but accept how i lecture my people, Therefore forgive my manners.

They are 3 (three) major things which i practise to make such realities comes through which are:

i) I planned my goals

ii) I set my goals

iii) I played my goals

Now i believed you can see the reason why i loved teaching deep, is because you all can fully understand my lectures and find it easy to pertake or to practise.

I Planned My Goals

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Normally before i begin my journey or anything like this, “I planned my goals” first
to fully know if the outcome of it will be effective or not but that depend what next by doing a thorough research and thinking for a reasonable step to take.

I Set My Goals

Not everyone who has a plan knows how to set it in terms of blogging. I set my goals properly and am happy to see my visitors makes use of it as i play along with them.

How Do I Drive 10k Real Human Traffic To My Blog Daily For Free

Below are some great factors and ideas for how to get daily real human and organic traffics.

i) Blog consistently

ii) Write reasonable post

iii) Be the first to leave a thoughtful comment on others people’s blog

iv) Do link building but dont spam

v) Use trackbacks to get back links

vi) Do giveaway packages

vii) Do some public speaking that makes brain

viii) Do guest post on other good and high remarkable blogs.

ix) Be the brainish guru by writing a killer content

x) Optimize your blog for search engine

xi) Share your blog content link on social media

xii) List your blog out: yes

this is one of the main and important key point in which you must do to make your blogspot (blogger) blog post always appear on bloggers latest post list and how can you do such? follow the below process.

i) Login your account through gmail

ii) Clickc settings >> basic section through the updated or order interface and select “Yes” for “Add Your Blog” for our listing before saving your settings.

The Result – After doing the above settings, each and every time you update your blogspot blog with the latest post, it will alert other bloggers about your new content at where it shows bloggers “Recently Updated Blogs” if a reader clicks the “Next Blog” link seen on the blogger Navbar. This part actually brings good tones of traffic of about 28% daily depending on what your content is thats why i said “Create a killer content with titles” just like mine.

I Played My Goals

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Hope you can see why now i play my goals? after doing the above process finished, the last thing i do as a blogspot
blogger is to play my goals and how do i do that or what does it mean?

I play my goals simply means that i watch and supervise how my blog is doing and see how my visitors are using my blog and if there is any error or problem, i will quickly fixed it before my visitors notice it.

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