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I have used some of this webhosting today both in the past and presently so if you are still searching for the best webhosting company or business in nigeria, india, pakistan, canada, california in 2018, well here comes to the end of your search because right here starting from now i will be giving you the best webhosting reviews in 2018 and beyond and also teach you how to make money from webhosting affiliate and income review because i have seen so many people both my friends on facebook asking the below questions which gives them less or no full details, question like:

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Pardon me for such an illusion but i belived thats what you would have been search on right? well those listed above will be discussed on my next webhosting review in 2018/2019 content so stay glue and make sure you subscribed to HypersTv Newsletter Mailing List found below the post as a whole. Domain And Webhosting Review

I believed you already know the meaning of namecheap but if incase you dont know, let me do a quick recap about and it founder and co-founder.

Well namecheap is a company that deals with the services of domain name and webhosting registration and the brain behind or the founder of is Richard Kirkendall which is located at Los Angeles (L.A) California in the United State of America (USA). According to whois record of, it is said that is founded and started operation in 2000.

How To Buy / Purchased Or Order A Domain On

Incase you are new to or you dont really know or have an idea on how to buy a domain from namecheap, well here is Domain Registration And Definitive Guide For You And How To.

How To Buy Domain From In 2018/2019 – Fast And Easy Way

All you have to do is to follow my definitive steps and processes below properly so as you wont make silly mistake over it.

* Click Here to visit the domain registration page

* Once the page open up, insight your desired domain name which you want to register into the search bar seen there and note that if the domain is still available (you will be able to buy it) or if is not (then try use another domain which is available).

Available: If your desired domain is available, it will show green colour

Not Available: To identify if a domain is not available for registration, it shows red in colour.

* Now choose either to use existing and billing information but incase you don’t have any existing one then use the create new billing information.

* After the above, click next to continue and a page which state you to pay to get your domain will open, now click the “Buy Now” button. You can either pay with any of the listed payment method on which are:

* PayPal

* Atm MasterCard

* Stripe or Skrill

* Bitcoin

Note That – does not accept bank transfer or wire transfer in form of payment in buying webhosting or domain.

Inline Keyword – Top 5 Webhosting Companies That Accept Bitcoin Payment In 2018 (Nigeria)

* After making payment, your domain registration process on namecheap will absoluetely take place and within 15 – 20 minutes you will get a welcome message which state your namecheap domain invoice notice and payment status.

* Now that domain is yours

How To Buy Hosting Plan On is one of the webhosting company thats offering cheap webhosting services and plans in 2018 across the world. Webhosting Plan, Packages And Prices

below are the cheap webhosting plan and prices of namecheap which are:

* Stellar Plan – $2.88

* Stellar Plus Plan – $4.88

* Stellar Business Plan – $8.88

As you can see is not even up to $10 hosting plan like other webhosting companies.

How To Purchase Webhosting Plan From – Definitive Guide

* Head over to the list of webhosting plan on namecheap that you want to buy

* Now select the webhosting package of your choice

* Remember to choose the time period carefully which you required the hosting package to last (for example, 3 years or 6 months) and also select the data center location of any geographical area (either Nigeria, Indian or UK)

* Now click the “Add To Cart” button and proceed then once it open, in put your new or already owned domain on the search bar or you click check point if you want to buy a new domain on

* Then click the “Buy Now” button after adding to cart and proceed to payment method just like the above method (i.e domain registration guide)

* After paying, wait for at least 15 – 20 minutes you will be given a full owned hosting plan on namecheap that you registered already by email and dashboard notices.

Top 8 Best Webhosting Companies In Nigeria Accept Payment In Naira – (2018)

Here comes the list but i wont be talking about them because is not in the proper category of align with this content.








8: Affiliate Income Review: How To Make Money With Namecheap Affiliate Program In Nigeria

i know what would be your first thought because you don’t want to waste your precious time on affiliate that dont pay, well me myself also hate such services but before i ride on the bike, lets see if I’d get what you thinking right now.

* Affiliate Program Real, Legit Or Scam

* How Does Affiliate Program Works

* Income Review

* Has Anyone Received Payment From Namecheap Affiliate Program

* Affiliate Program Earning Review: Registration Guide And How To

Like i said earlier, i believed that’s what you really wanna know right? Okay Lets Continue. Affiliate Program Application Or Registration Guide – How To Apply

How you can earn massive income from namecheap affiliate program – below are the highlighted list of namecheap commission rate in 2018

Hosting Purchased – 30%

SSL Certificate – 30%

Domain Purchase – 20%

What does commission mean? it is known as the commission you will be given if or when someone buy a package on namecheap using your affiliate link .

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How To Proceed On Namecheap Affiliate Program

* All you need to consider in doing first is to create an account on Impact Radius: Impact radius is known as all in one affiliate program management just like the terms of social media which is called all in one social media android app in 2018.

* Now click to apply for affiliate program in nigeria, india, US, pakistan or even in any country ( Affiliate Program is available and accessible in all eligible country if am not mistaken)

* Lo and behold you just made a submission, now you got to wait for approval status and once approved, you will be prompt to use mamecheap affiliate program account through impact radius dashboard and once you login, grab your namecheap affiliate link and start doing the needful

* That’s all about affiliate program guides and review – Hope you find it easy and helpful?

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