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NANS, SUG President Clash At The South Africa Embassy In Abuja (Photos)

[i]Nigerian students clash over free trip to South Africa and fall out in negation.

Below is a quick breakdown of what happened.

The South African High Commission wanted to dialog with Nigerian Students Association (NANS) but the president of NANS rejected any talk citing failed previous dialogs.

Along the line, chaos broke out which later led to arrests, after Uniabuja SUG president with his entourage went to discuss with the South Africans on behalf of Nigerian Students and this didn’t go down well with NANS.

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They stormed the High Commission to halt the meeting and arrest the SUG president that he has no right to negotiate on behalf of Nigerian students claiming his jurisdiction ends only at a particular campus.

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Also citing there is no way while people are being killed he they will sit for any negotiations.

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