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Previously on my last talked about PayPal account in nigeria, i discuss so many vitae details especially on “How to open and verify a paypal account in nigeria that can send and received funds without vpn” but today i want to highlight the brief disadvantage of using paypal to receieved funds in nigeria because i believed that on my last topic about PayPal in nigeria, i gave lot of it benefit of using paypal to send and received payment.

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Disadvantage Of Using PayPal To Received Funds In Nigeria Or Anywhere

I have either less or many disadvantage of paypal but that i will talk about on my next sales of ebook but the one negative impact of using paypal to received is somehow inform of been scam and what i actually mean is that, incase you do sales ebooks or any immediate ordering offer and use paypal as form receiving payment, the buyer this days will require for fund immediately after them receoving the order.

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