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CBN New Naira Note: There’s Something Fishy About The New Naira Note - 374 Views

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CBN New Naira Note: There’s Something Fishy About The New Naira Note

CBN New Naira Note was introduced few weeks ago regarding the economic growth rate in other to manage and maintain the fall of the Nigeria economy.

In business today, most business are affected by the present of the Nigeria economy status that’s why one of tge main reasons of introducing the naira note on or before January 2023 was to control the currency status against the hoarding system of operation.

Few days ago, it was broadcast and seen that the new naira note has been sighted and unveiled but the Nigerians are complaining on how the look of the new naira will impact the economy growth.

Now, our questions are:

Have you been able to get the new naira note

Have you seen the picture of the new naira note

Is introducing the new naira note going to take full impact growth of the country economy and enhance the business progress

Well, as some people do say, there’s a hidden secret they are not telling us but to me, I’d say, there’s a trial to every experience so go get your new naira note and let’s keep supporting the growth of Nigeria economy for business.

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