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They are now too many alternatives to income program package, if i may ask to say about the new make money in nigeria program 2018, i would just say that nnu ng income program is their success because they are now either copying the footstep took and in such way we can see how brings the general notices of ponzi website and blogs, mlm website and so on in 2017 and 2018 but now, we are now hearing this new income program like which is, like i said about income program that you should dont invest yet till we cover a full prove about them. Therefore, same goes to income program revenue in nigeria that Invest Wisely and dont fall into a fraudster though i never say is fraud but to my owned view about them, they are 35% real in my rating but in the next time i will come to talk about them again, i will give you a full updated information about income program and how to register and earn upto N50,000 (50k)

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