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Nigerians Express Shock After Some Northerners Said They’d Rather Algeria Wins

A number of Nigerians took to their social media accounts to say they hope Nigeria loses to Algeria at AFCON because most of the players making up the Super Eagles team are Igbos.

The men said they support Algeria and hope for Nigeria’s loss. Nigerians have called out their behaviour while pointing out that tribalism is keeping us from moving forward as a nation.

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This guy is not important to anybody even his family that’s of he is married..

Ignore people like this and stay perfectly healthy… I’m not from the igbo tribe but I can tell you those guys are so hardworking that you might use them as an example…
All you know is to marry underage, ruga, so much for the talk. Thanks but no thanks

And FG placed a ban on Sniper, I think he needs one. If you give him sniper, he will take it with bread

Backward northerners,depeat indeed

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