Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Nigerians Questions Regina Daniel’s Sudden Wealth After Acquiring 2 Benz Cars And House

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Nigerians questions Regina Daniel’s sudden wealth after acquiring 2 Benz cars and building a house for her mother within a month 19-year old Nigerian actress, Regina Daniels is now a trending topic on social media after showing off her second Benz and getting her mum a house all in a space of 4-weeks.
While a lot of Nigerians celebrate her success, many others are questioning are source of income and how many movies she’s actually featured in.
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Which movie is Regina Daniels acting abeg? She just got her second Benz after buying a house for her mum.. or they now pay actors in million dollars?
2:03 PM – Mar 23, 2019
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In as much as I think Regina Daniels wealth is questionable.

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