Omawumi Out With Another Music Showing Her Love For Her Husband

Omawumi writes a letter to her husband in this new album titled ‘In Her Feelings’

Omawonder as she’s popularly known doesn’t need much introduction but ill spare u a little . Hailing from the city of warri , Omawonder started her career officially around 2007/2008 and has since then dropped hits back to back! From ‘megbele’ to ‘if you ask me’ to ‘in the music” and so many more!
Now , she’s about to drop a new album titled ‘IN HER FEELINGS’ which contain lyrics in which ‘she writes a love letter to her husband’ which is some of her best work in a while which is why Nigeria should be looking forward to the pre-order of a single in the album which drops today!!
Go get your pre-orders asap , This is going to shake the industry, Omawonder isn’t here to play!
She definitely will inspire a lot of people including her colleagues with this coming album.

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