PDP Vs APC: ‘We Will Dismantle All APC Rigging Machinery In Future Elections’ – PDP

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The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has issued a statement ahead of the Osun State governorship election in September saying, ‘we will vehemently dismantle all APC rigging machinery in future elections beginning with the Osun governorship election next month’.

According to the party, ‘now that it has become manifest to Nigerians and all parties that the APC is only interested in rigging elections brazenly, we will henceforth contend with APC, head to head, means to means, scheme to scheme, shenanigan for shenanigan, in all ramifications and magnitude’.

‘We take very strong consideration of the open boasts and chest-thumping on the use of thugs by officials of the Buhari Presidency and the APC, particularly on their rigging of the Ekiti governorship and the federal bye-elect

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