Thu. Feb 21st, 2019

Rev. Fr. Lucien Ambunga Infected With Ebola Is Healed

Rev. Fr. Lucien Ambunga, Catholic Priest and Pastor for the remote rural community of Itipo celebrated his first Sunday (June 10) mass since he returned to his parish on 8 June, after recovering from Ebola.

When he was diagnosed with Ebola last month, Father Ambunga was taken to the town of Bikoro where there is an Ebola treatment centre in the general hospital. He was given a clean bill of health late last month, but stayed on in Bikoro to recover further.
When he returned to Itipo on Friday he was greeted by a joyous crowd, who carried him on their shoulders and chanted “The hero this year is Courage (Father Ambunga’s nickname).”

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He stressed how moved he was to be back.

“I can’t’ explain to you now Madame. It’s too much for me,” said Father Lucien. “What I can say, what is in my heart, is joy. “

WHO’s social anthropologist for the Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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