Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Seun Kuti Nominated For The Grammy Awards And Invited For Live Performance

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Releasing his fourth studio album , Black Times , Seun Kuti embarked on his European tour . He joins King Sunny Ade KSA and nominated in the ‘ World Music ’ Genre at the upcoming Grammys scheduled for February 2019 .
In an interview with BBC ,
” It felt amazing , highly unexpected , great news , it completely blew my mind . ”
Describing his album , ”Black Times ”
Speaking on his fourth studio album which was released earlier in the year , Seun summarized in three words that his album was a ” Simply fantastic album . ”
On how his family influenced his music
” My great grandfather was the first artist to be recorded in West Africa . My grandfather was a great composer of Anglican hymns .
My father , my brother and now me , my family is highly musical . There is no escaping it . ”
On the state of music in Africa
” A lot of musicians are not encouraged to develop their art and themselves as artist , so everyone is stuck in this circle of pop music . ”

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