Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

Simi Chases Out All Her Friends From Her Car And Leaves Them There Stranded

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Simi chases out All Her Friends from Her car and leaves them there stranded in the middle of the Night

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See reactions

tz_emmyrexx_comedy : ��

thugmorgy : Joblessness

ayomidefavour : I think its a joke

onyidamsy : She’s just joking�

hondavidajobiewe : �

empror24hr_mobile_ltd : But why must she board them from the first place. �

sk8crash : Lol �

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heaven_child_ : ���

viktoh_james : �

donnexsteph : We really needed to know she drives Benz �

__billz__official__ : �

queen.esiri : ���in d spirit abi

augusta_oleka : where is ur sense?… Can’t u see her friends were even laughing…. Didirin…. It’s only u that know how to use middle finger abi���

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