Tribal Model, Adetutu Poses Unclad With Only Body Paint And Nipple Pasties

Adetutu OJ, the upcoming Nigerian model with prominent tribal marks, has defied her critics by sharing new naked photos of herself.
The mother-of-one was naked in the photos, but used body paint and nipple pasties to protect her modesty.
In the caption, she addressed those criticizing her for posing naked. She said people warned her that she won’t get ahead with her recent knack for posing nude but she doesn’t intend to listen to them.
She told her critics: “I do me and I will not change for no one even though I know Nigeria is a deeply religious society where your business is everyone’s.”
In another, she wrote: “Unless you have lived my life, don’t judge me.”
Read the rest of the post shared by the naked Nigerian model below.