See How Ghana Danfo Drivers Hustle With Mobile Supermarket Inside Bus (video)

Danfo drivers in Nigeria are known for their very troublesome and seemingly brash attitude and hurry hurry way of life but their ghanaian counterparts are quite the opposite , this Ghana Danfo Drivers are smart and are making more money by operating supermarkets inside their danfo buses.
In series of videos made available to Hyperstv.Com by our  Ghanain sources you can see beverages, tea, lipton packs, sweets, garri , groundnut, biscuits even chilled purewater and toothbrushes all shaded and hanged neatly  around the danfo bus.
It was even revealed that some of this Danfo Buses Come Furnished with Water dispensers and Fridges, And as seen in the video when the danfo buses stops in traffic bystanders also rush to buy things from the drivers mobile shop.

What would happen if our Danfo Buses In Nigeria Start doing this?