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Tested And Trusted Google Adsense Alternative Ads Network In 2018

make money with propeller ads

Google adsense is one of best leading ads network for publishers but since sometimes or somehow, publishers are finding it difficult to be friendly with the terms and conditions, privacy policy of google adsense which in one way or the other makes them get disapproved or banned by adsense. Therefore, today i bring you good news and that good news are verified good news, tested and trusted ads network alternative to google adsense.

Verified Google Adsense Alternative Ads Network For Small Traffic Blog

The below list are tested by me and my colleague and they pay very well like google adsense thou and behold, i could not share some of earning screenshot because this article was written with a low end cell phone because of pc faulty.

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make money with propeller ads

1: This ads network was launched in the year 2014 and since then, they have been in the line of the best Google Adsense Ads Alternatives that pays very well to their publishers.

make money with propeller ads

Brief Details About (Short Review For Publishers

Ads Format: They have already made interface of apps like popup ads, native ads, inline/audience ads that are mobile and desktop friendly for your visitors.

Ads Code Type: They are already made generated ads code like for the xml feeds, javascript, banner ads and text link ads tag.

Monetizing Method: Publishers actually get a bonus monetizing offer and his ads network for publishers monetize through the cpm and cpv metrics

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Payment Threshold Cashout: This ads network pays every week most especially every sunday which could be said that is not a working day which has less work and less busy for them, which makes them pay their publishers every sunday of the month.

2: This ads network is also an alternative to adstateria, superlink, infolinks add which specializes mainly in in-images, related tags and in-text ads display developed by Redmas which was located in Argentina. Ads Review For Publishers


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