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The Business of Music: Your Guide To Professional Singing Careers and Jobs

The Business of Music


The best way to earn a living is by doing something that you love. This belief is always true especially to people who wanted to dive into the music industry and do business through singing. To have a singer career may deem a difficult task to take but with proper and complete training you will be able to achieve your dreams and earn money as much as you want.


Moreover, your love and passion for music will make your singing an easier job to achieve. While there are lots of people who wanted to be part of the music industry, only a few become successful. So, for someone who has a strong passion for singing and for someone who’s still on the process of learning, always remember that there’s always a silver lining to look forward.

How Does A Professional Singing Career Look Like?

Agree with me or not, most people know that a professional singing career is happening in front of the television. If you are thinking this way, then you must be wrong. A professional singing career does not only talk a  single category performed by big stars on TV. There are different categories in which someone is considered to have a professional singing career.


To be honest, most of these singing career categories lets you earn more money compared to singing in front of the camera. Also, taking training from vocal experts like Bohemian Vocal Studio will help you explore the capacity of your singing voice on how far can you perform in different paid singing jobs. At the same time, the singing sidelines you will get are limitless because there are lots of opportunities that may open.

What Does A Usual Professional Singer Salary Look Like?

In a singing career and music industry, there is no fixed salary stated you may earn. If you would like to achieve a certain amount, you have to work hard for it. Assess your lifestyle and make sure that once you start your singing career you are earning beyond your expectation. Strive hard to get the amount you would like to make sure that all your needs are covered.


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Furthermore, when you take a singer career, the most important thing to consider talking about your rate is your singing ability. In some cases, there are singers who do not have an excellent singing talent, but if you’re someone who can do something beyond your ability then you must earn a rate that pleases you more.

The Singing Careers and Other Paid Singing Jobs

The music industry is a broad business to take. Some may ask you for free services, but if you think like a business, you must have excellent persuasion skills. There is no harm in dreaming to be the biggest singing superstar one day; however, you should take it one step at a time. There is no fast track of earning the highest pay rate for singing.  


That said, you may try different singing career categories as a startup. These startups still give you the ability to earn and impose your rate based on your singing skills.

The Cover Singing Jobs

In fact, nowadays, covering a song is in demand in the market. Covering a particular songs means singing and recording a specific song of other artists. In this way, people will notice and assess your singing skills of how far can you go and if your price is right.

Party/ Wedding Singer

Singing in parties or weddings is the most profitable way of earning in your singing career. If you would like to perform in this area, you can join in two ways. You can either apply and perform solo or take the easy step by joining a band.

Lounge/Club Singer

Most private and public venues required a singer for their customer’s entertainment. In this way, you can look for the business establishments where you can apply to perform. In some cases, bands who are regularly performing conducts a rotation and if you would like to join you can definitely ensure a regular gig.

Cruise Ship Singing Jobs

It’s a job where you hit two birds with a single stone. This means that you are earning at the same time you are enjoying the luxury of touring different places across the world. Singing in a cruise ship is a high paying job and there are boundless singing opportunities you can enter.


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That said, you may have the ability to join and sing in production shows, sing in the lounge, or be part of a band. Besides, you can switch a role with the main singer if they need a reliever or a guest may hire you as a private entertainer when they celebrate birthdays and anniversaries that’s why they rode a cruise ship.


Ideally, there are lots of singing career and jobs you can take depending on the capacity of your skills. With the right research, training, passion, and perseverance, diving in the business of music is a fulfilling and rewarding job to take.

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