Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

The Top 7 Best Web Hosting Company In Nigeria In 2019

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Some of the mistakes most bloggers normally make is saying or thinking that the cheapest web hosting company in nigeria is the best web hosting company in nigeria. Such is a by gone illusion for the past years not todays own world of era because those are are bigger mistakes bloggers should avoid before choosing a web hosting services company because likewise the saying that goes “Quality are better than quantity despart the pricing of the hosting plans but the plans and features it contains than the quantity”.

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However, today we are to know this than to fall a victim of blogging depression and right here are the list of the best web hosting companies in nigeria, no doubting about their services because they are 99% good which can be use use both for personal, business or for clients job.

The Top 6 Best Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria In 2018 & 2019

* Namecheap Web Hosting Company Services Review: It is widely know that namecheap is a foreign web hosting company but in a over all cross checking, namecheap is mostly use in nigeria of about 72% bloggers uses namecheap web hosting company because of their quality assured services over quantity despart the namecheap web hosting pricing, they are still the best in nigeria for as long as they continue their good works, i will still vouched up my thumb up vote for them as the best hosting company.

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Namecheap Web Hosting Reviews And Pricing: 72% Upright Votes In Nigeria

Below are the review about namecheap web hosting and what makes a web hosting company a good one.

Speed: Good in loading, makes website load faster

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Uptime: No single downtime notification from jetpack about your blog but 95% uptime

Security: Your blog is safe when you namecheap either for personnal website, business website or for client

Customer Services: Apart from calling namecheap on your cell phone, their mailing support responsed time are delayed which you might even get a responds from them in a late hour.

Backups Services: Yes they normally do website backups services

Bandwidth and Storage Limit: Namecheap hosting has unlimited bandwidth spaces depending on the plan or packages you purchased.

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Pricing Namecheap hosting pricing varies from cheap price plan which the lowest hosting plan prices range from $2.99/month hosting plan.

Hostgator Web Hosting Services Review

The reason why hostgator hosting services is not mostly use in nigeria is because of their pricing of renewal which is high in demand though their hosting services are extremely good with 0% downtime count and fast in speeding up the load time of websites, their customer support are fast and ranges from 5-10mins of responds time with strong security support and an unlimited bandwidth and webspace.

SiteGround Web Hosting Services Review

Only few nigeria bloggers of about 37% uses siteground hosting company why? because of it expensive, costly hosting pricing but are valuable and one of the best hosting company over since 3 years on my records which i use for my client in 2018 too but with their good services, i believed that in 2019 they might beat to be the number one hosting company in nigeria in 2019.

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Garanntor Web Hosting Services Review

When you talk about best website hosting company, you are guarantee by garanntor to be at the safe place when you use their services because aside of this foreign web hosting companies in nigeria like the Hub8, kinsta hosting, inmotion hosting, bluehost and others, garanntor is recorded as part of t as part of the best in nigeria thats why they are on my No.4 list of of best web hosting companies in nigeria.

Qserver Web Hosting Services Review

When you talk about cheap domain name seller and best quality hosting company in nigeria, talk about Qserver, thinking of building a website and looking for which hosting company to give a trial? with Qserver web hosting services, with their best pricing list of hosting services for shared hosting, cloud hosting and hosting reseller, you are at the right side because according to the qserver hosting review by Bitcatcha, the review written by Daren Low about Qserver hosting review and pricing are sincerely correct when i give them a trial using my client work and everything went perfect good.

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