Tue. Mar 19th, 2019

The World Market is Entirely Captured by Android

A humongous 1000M android units were sold within the year 2013, as per the Gartner inc. that is an American info technology analysis and consolatory firm. Today, over 1,000,000 mobile devices, utilized in higher than one hundred ninety countries, are powered by Android OS! Thrilling! Isn’t it? Being a foremost platform for applications, games, money apps, data sharing apps, video apps like Kissanime and different digital contents, Android is attracting a flock of users on an everyday basis. it might not be an exaggeration to mention that this open marketplace has conjointly outshined the innovations of different market players, who pioneered the Smartphone revolution, like Microsoft’s Windows similarly as Apple’s iOS and Mac OS.

An Open Marketplace For every kind Of Applications


Android uses Google Play as a base and a premier marketplace for marketing, distributing and downloading apps. Google Play comes preinstalled on all the android devices and an app that’s revealed that reaches a good variety of android users all around the world. an apps developer will publish something that he desires and as frequent as he desires thus as to reach his targeted audience. Apps are simply distributed generally to all or any markets and devices or may be sold to specific segments, devices or hardware ranges. These apps may be classified as priced, free or with in-app subscriptions that have helped the developers to monetize everything for highest engagements and revenues for his or her business. Google Play merely builds visibility and engagement of the apps similarly because of the brands. All the apps that attract a large client base and rise in quality are placed by Google Play within the weekly “top” charts, rankings and promotional slots.


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Global Partnerships


The fastest-growing mobile OS, Android has world partnerships with open-source Linux community similarly as higher than three hundred software, hardware and carrier partners. The expansion in app consumption may be attributable to its openness that has created it a favorite of each developer and shoppers. With these international partnerships, the boundaries of hardware and software system are continuously being pushed by Android to introduce new capabilities to each user and developers.


A Powerful Development Framework


The single application model of Android provides best-in-class app experiences and helps within the development of apps generally to lots of users and a large variety of devices right from phones to tablets. Android comes with Android Developer Tools that help in developing an app with efficiency. It offers full Java IDE together with advanced options for development, debugging, and packaging of android apps. With the help of Java IDE, an app may be developed on any android device. Also, virtual devices may be created to emulate all hardware configurations.


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According to the projections released by Gartner inc., the worldwide market share of Android OS is predicted to exceed one billion in 2014. Certainly, this can cause a surge in demand for Android apps that augurs a bright future for Android Application Development firms all across the globe.

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