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Osun was a Miracle. APC planned to rig shamelessly and succeeded in so many places scientifically and mathematically: cutting PDP victory in some places, inflating their own figures in other places – a hundred there, two hundred here, cutting it really close to look legit.

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Let me do a quick thread on the three things that saved PDP in Osun apart from our collective efforts: The Adeleke-Underdog Strategy, Senator Iyiola Omisore and Focus on Osogbo not Ede where the election was actually decided. It was a victory for high strategy and experience.

Recall that Ekiti was lost because the APC came at Fayose with everything they could muster – it was like the entire hordes of APC he’ll against one man. In Osun, Adeleke was positioned as the underdog who was not a threat and APC focused on Omisore instead and invaded Ife.

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If they had focused on Adeleke, they would have concentrated forces on Ede and not Ife, Boripe and Osogbo.

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