Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Top 5 Perspective Ways To Easily Identify A Cultism

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Hey whaaat, what are you really thinking about me? Am not a cultism neither do i have a relative thats a cultism but do to my research and how i observed my environment makes me easily identify a cultism and note that am not living in an environnent where you gonna say they is cultism but when i say my environment i actually mean the general environment just like your country and my country as long as its still this planet earth. So therefore, lets carry on.

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i] They Are The Big Boys In Town: To easily identify such people, they are known as the big boys in town with their flashy wears, swags sometimes some of them has cars of their own, good looking phones to their girlfriend while sometimes the cultism are found using small phone.

ii] Colour Matching: This kind of people normally wear a colour matching which you can easily identify them. Sometimes the colour matching is either from their shoes, dresses or wrist band or watch at most times.

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iii] Slang: May be you might have been hearin
g some conversation between two people or gang, language, speech which you may not find familar with, these are known as slang like “Make sure you dey look face before you go dey cap anyhow”, “If no be one thing i for don waste that bobo” which are one of the popular words here in my country, that first statement is been spoken if an arguement is becoming into a fight.

iv) Greetings: Yeap, to me, this is one of the best way to identify the cultism. Their greeting styles are somehow stylish most especially some of them make use of their hands, eye winking, leg etc, to do the greeting style both in private and public places.

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v) Behaviour: They have different kind of behaviour most particularly their movement, smoking, speech and so on which is irritating to any responsible person who met them and they are also quick in anger beliving that they can do the undo and nothing will make them scared.

Above are the top ways to identify a cultism meanwhile this shouldn’t be in anyway lead to
embarass them because they live theor life the way it pleases them and you too also live a life the way you want. Am not in anyway in support with them but for safety, signs and recognitions made me post this.

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