Wed. Mar 20th, 2019

Top 5 Ultimate Ways To Make Money Online In 2018

Making money online as been one of the most common reason why both the new and old bloggers join the blogosphere but sometimes some of this bloggers find it difficult in making money while some focus only adsense earning meanwhile, those who focus on google adsense only [Like the entertainment, news, lifestyle, fashions, tech niches] sometimes misuse it or get banned do to either ads self click, fake traffic, not following adsense policy etc, aside of that, they are many ways such people or bloggers can actually makes money online with or without adsense in 2018 and so on and such process are what we are going to discuss one after the other but before i start note that some of the process may require traffic while some may not but as far as we get deep in knowing more about them, then we will know which way to go and what to do.

5 Ultimate Ways To Make Money Online In 2018 Easily

Like i said earlier above, there are many ways we can earn passive income as a blogger online easily and that am going to full details, review, pros and cons about them.

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Affiliate Network

Affiliate Network is the type of online business agreement between the company and publishers [the publishers are also known as a

Affiliate Marketers

] and performance based in which the publishers get paid or reward by the company based on visitors or customer bought, meanwhile, they are two (2) main functions of affiliate program in which each and every publishers should know about before going into it which are:

* [b]Affiliate Network Based On Visitors : [/b] This type of affiliate program based on visitors impressions, visitors click from the publishers blog but this process requires traffic so as the publishers can as well easily reach the threshold or cashout date quickly.

* [b]Affilite Network Based On Products Sales :[/b] This type of affiliate network based on how many product bought from the publishers blog and how much does the product worth. This type of

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Advantage And DisAdvantage Of Affiliate Network

As usual, every good and bad must have advantage and disadvantage thats why i tend to list the Cons and Pros of Affiliate Network before proceeding towards the rest.

Advantage Of Using Affiliate Network As A Publisher

* They pay very well

* Their cashout threshold are within a month

* Some of the affiliate networks pay every 15th day of the month

* They are quick in response in terms of whenever the publishers need help over an issues

* Their customer agent are 24/7 online

DisAdvantage Of Using Affiliate Network As A Publisher

* some of them accept blogs that has good traffic while some dont.

* some of this affiliate networks pay through paypal, skrill, wireless transfer, payoneee etc, the reason why i said this in the disadvantage protocol is because some find it difficult in some of the payment methods most especially some of the africa country facing issue with paypal likely the nigeria country

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