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Top 50+ Best Paying CPC Adsense Keywords In 2018/2019 And How To Earn $450

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Sometimes i’d imagine if blogging about general niched is better than blogging a single niched when it comes to making money online and i came to realised that general niche is better or best, good than single niched because you talke or discussed everything or anything you may wish to thats why if i were asked by my friends about between micro niched vs macro niched which of them is the best paying niched, and instead for me to tell them my choices, i rather tell them to go for the one that are best suite for them because my choices and theirs are not the same but mind you dont follow my path but learn about my path and developed yours in other way round so as you wont blamed me afterall.

Now talking about making money from adsense, the best way to make money from google adsense is to focus on the best paying cpc adsense keyword and doing so, you may earn $450 per click depending from the country you target such keywords to, so now, lets head over to the best paying adsense cpc keywords and how you can earn more income from it.

2018/2019 Best Paying Adsense CPC Keywords

Adsense been the best lead ads network over more than 5 years in the blogosphere which tends to make it publishers most especially bloggers to earn or make money online through one of the best method known as CPC. Now, lets look at those adsense cpc paying keywords of 2018.

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Best And Latest Paying Adsense CPC Short Tail Keywords In 2018 And 2019

* Criminal Case Attorney

* Mesothelioma Law Firm

* Life Insurance

* Loans

* Lawyer

* Donate

* Recovery

* Trading

* compensation mesothelioma

* mesothelioma attorney houston

* mesothelioma attorney california

* mesothelioma compensation

* pleural mesothelioma stages

* Rehab

* Hosting

* Transfer

* Cord Blood

* Claim

* Conference Call

* Gas/Electricity

* Mortgage

* reatment

* Software

* Classes

* mesothelioma lawyer directory

* mesothelioma lawsuit settlements

* statute of limitations on mesothelioma

* lawyers for mesothelioma

* mesothelioma settlement fund

Best And Latest Paying Adsense CPC Long Tail Keywords In 2018 And 2019

How To Earn $100 Per Click From Google Adsense CPC Keywords In 2018/2019

They is no long or hard ways to earn such amount per day but the only way to earn such amount is to target the right country and once any of those targetted country clicks your adsense ads, that makes or fetch you some good amount of money per click from adsense.

Top 10 Best Country To Target Your Blog For Earning High CPC Income On Your Google Adsense In 2018

Below are the best countries for you to target if in case you want to increase your cpc income rate or revenue everyday and doing such, you may end up making billions or millions of dollars online.

* United State Of America – Getting clicks from this country on your enable adsense blog will absolutely increase your adsense cpc per day if only you make use of the high paying cpc keywords only.

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* The Carribean Country: Most of this carribean countries also in one good turns increase your adsense cpc

* Germany: Google loves the germany and the cpc increase rate are high

* Canada: Targetting an english country mostly increase the rate of cpc

* Amsterdam: Not much people knows that targetting the amsterdam country also increases the cpc income rate revenue

* New York: The new york city is also best suting country to target your content to if you’d love to increase your daily cpc adsense rate

* Colombia: I’d rather add this country than adding any other country above colombia position here on

* Nigeria: I know many of you would have been saying that am out of my mind but let me tell you, i knew that the Nigeria country shouldn’t make the top 10 best targetted country to ibcrease adsense cpc on this list because is not among the top 50 too but if you are to mention the top 10, all the english and most developed country would carry it all thats why i insist making the nigeria country as part of my top 10 list because if you come to top africa country to target adsense cpc, nigeria on my list will be number one.

Up to you now buddy, is there any good or best country to target your adsense cpc content to? share it through the comment so as we could add them here

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