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Top 6 Best Quick Money Loan App In Nigeria – 2018 / 2019

Things are now becoming easy and less stressful this time around in nigeria where mostly as a student, graduate, teenager, secondary student can now easily make money online in nigeria and also ask or request for money loan online and startup a small virtual business or a mini portray business company in nigeria. This days in nigeria we are no longer known as a lazy youth of nigeria because we can now found young boss, young entreprenuer, young investors, young influencer and so on and this people are said to be successful starting from a zero point and making it big. Therefore, is either you are broke or want to start a small business with no or little capital or finance, they is still hope and such hope is something you should consider investing on so as you could be free and shadow off from such problem called poverty in nigeria or in you (am sincerely sorry if it meant harsh to you). However, here comes the best loan app in 2018 and 2019 which will lend you money so as you too can start up a small business and also create job opportunity for your fellow student in nigeria.

best loan company for business in nigeria

i) PayLater Loan App Review With paylater loan app, you can as well pay bills online apart from loaning for specific amount and such bill are Gotv, Dstv, Phcn Bill, Bet9ja and so on. Paylater is been operated only in nigeria which i know very well but i dont really know about their relationship of other countries.

ii) QuickCheck Loan App Review With quickcheck loan app, you can also pay for bills online and also loan of money through direct transfer to any of your bank account and in all it is said that you are only allowed to borrow maximum of N30,000 with a recurring pay interest of 1% which are said that the loan are to be paid in 30 days time of your loan date.

iii) ALAT Loan App By Wema Bank Review without much hassle over collateral, you can borrow any amount either N50,000 or N500,000 online with the ALAT loan app by wema bank of nigeria.

iv) PalmCredit Loan App By Transsnet Financial Palmcredit loan app by transsnet financial company in nigeria is one of the latest loan app in nigeria that only operate in nigeria and looking forward to operate in other africa countries. My PalmCredit review is that the more you repay on time, the more you unlock more features on palmcredit which is like a credit revolution and can be seen when you download palmcredit loan app on your android or iOS phone.

v) FairMoney Loan App Review For my honest review about fairmoney loan app is that, is best known as the best quick loan app for car repairs, health emergency, rent apartment and also for education loan to student. Also be allowed to borrow minimum of N6,000 and pay back an interest of N1,200 in 30 days of your loan made which is one of the best cheap loan app that allow the lending of 6,000 naira.

Hey what are you actually thinking about? am not use to borrow or loan money online but in case am out of cash and i need cash urgently, thats when i make use of those loan app in nigeria and dont tell me that no one has not been out of cash because sometimes it may happened when you went out with your babe and found out that you left or forgot your wallet at home and that process happens when you have finished eating your meal in a well furnished restaurant or any best well know joint, then tell me if you would not make use of any of the above loan app to avoid your ass been kicked or been embarrased in the present of your girlfriend? – My brother thats my point which makes me know those apps and they are always on my android phone with well loaded data subscription #lolx, #hahahahaha, don’t play with life, if you know,

vi) Branch Loan App Review with branch loan app, you don’t need a colleteral nor any relevant offices stuff to borrow money from them, all you have to do is download branch loan app from google playstore, sign in or signup an account, then head over to loan by clicking the button seen at the top of the app. Branch loan app is available in Tanzania, Mexico, Kenya and in Nigeria which you will you know.

Nevertheless, with those list of best quick loan app, you can easily startup a business with no capital or money, create job awareness, create online job opportunity in nigeria for student and so on.

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