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Upcoming Artist Commit Suicide After Teni Refuse to Post His Pray Cover Video

Sources said; “Young talented artist realsamboy on Instagram commits suicide, poison him self because popular Nigeiran female artiste Teni refused to repost his pray cover.

This happen in Ojodu begar this morning when he was supposed to wake but didn’t, until they find out his body is stiff before we rush his body to the nearest hospital.

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We found and screenshot this post he posted last night before he went to sleep
His close friend told us that he always made some strange statement before this happen ( do you know I can sacrifices my life for this particular pray cover to make it global ) but we don’t know what that means until now.

See Reaction Below
inside life

Stupid act! Always believe in yourself.

I can’t believe this deluded rubbish…

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wtf ??? didn’t he saw how zlatan was messaging olamide on IG bfr he too come blow

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