The United States of america has made a statement concerning the two ex-minister’s of Namibia on which they collected a bribed worth $10 million which caused a political uproar in the year 2019.
On Tuesday, the united state said the entry of the two former government ministers from Namibia country (2019) whose names are Bernhard Esau the former former fisheries minister and Sacky Shanghala former justice minister whose alleged acceptance of bribes worth $10 million US dollars
The ban also extend to their immediate family members and they would not be allowed into the United States of america.

The United State of America Department spokesman Ned Price said:

“The United States continues to stand with all Namibians in support of democracy and the rule of law, and against those who would undermine these principles for personal gain.” gather that The two ministers from namibia resigned and were arrested in 2019 on guilty allegations that they accepted $10 million in bribes from one of Iceland’s biggest fishing firms, Samherji, in return for awarding quotas on horse mackerel from the sparsely populated southwest African nation.

The scandal, triggered by the publication of documents by WikiLeaks, came shortly before elections in which President Hage Geingob won another term but with a sharply reduced majority.

President Joe Biden earlier this month ordered a review on how better to fight corruption globally, calling the issue a national security interest of the United States as graft “rots democracy from the inside” and boosts authoritarians.


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