Wed. Mar 20th, 2019

Valatine Death: See What Boyfriend And Girlfriend Cause This Child

Depart this occurred on Feb 14th 2019 and was live on Hyperstv today which is 19th of February 2018 does not mean its an old story but let me a lesson to every parent.

This incident occurred due to carelessness and unconcerned by the parent and a house girl who left the house with the children alone.

It was stated that the parent went to church leaving the children under the caring of the house girl while after the parent has gone out, the house girl left the house to meet her boyfriend and unknowingly, the candle which was light up for the children, house girl to use before the parent comes back burnt down the house and both the kids inside where burnt to ashes.

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Please be extremely careful while leaving your children behind.

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