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Whatsapp chat bot for business would be one of the best way for business relationship with customers just like the way facebook chatbot messenger (chatfuel) did, though with this new method, i believe this would be a vitae viral business advert and promotion on whatsapp as they introduce chatbot messenger for whatsapp. Meanwhile for me not to forget my main reason which is UBA whatsapp chatbot messenger called LEO. Leo is an virtual assistance for UBA and made and developed by UBA. Leo is a friendly virtual robot who runs the assisting of customers online while been quick and fast. Imagine the total customers UBA has both in Africa, Europe and so on that Gentle Leo will be assisting on through whatsapp chatbot messenger app. Therefore join, chat with leo through the whatsapp link below

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On my next topic, i will be talking about How to create whatsapp chatbot messenger for your business and company use.

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