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WinApay Review: How To Earn N5000 Daily In Nigeria For Just Playing Online IQ Games

winapay review 2018

This is my own side story and review about .

What Is And How Does It Work?

In general from the developer and what the functionality of winapay is, winapay is an online IQ game which pays as you play by answering 10 questions correctly which is developed and owned by Zim Danny (Founder of inc).

How Does WinApay Works? Are you brilliant, still that type of intelligent guy mama want? if yes, here comes an opportunity where you could make money online by playing IQ games just like the online brain teaser game.

What Are The Question Likes?

WinApay question category are categorised based on what you know best and which of them you choose as a premium of winapay and such categories are:

* Sport

* Technology

* Politics

* Business

* Current Affairs

* Fashion and Beauty

* Entertainment

* General Questions

Note: You only have maximum of 5 minutes to answer each 10 questions correctly and you can also or you are allowed to play the game for 24hours repeatedly before renewing your winapay wallet (account balance).

Difference Between Free And Paid Version Mode Of WinApay Incomes Program

WinApay Free Version Mode – Incase you want to either flirt or test the IQ game, you are free and allowed to do so either as a member or non registered member of winapay. You can play the game for free but no guarantee that you will be rewarded in free mode version.

WinApay Paid Version Mode – This is also known as winapay premium version whereby you have 5 minutes to answer each questions from the category you choose and once you answered the 10 questions correctly, with a guarantee, you will be rewarded with cash depending on the winapay plan you choose which we are going to delibrated to discussed about in details below.

WinApay Registration Guide And How To Pay Or Get Started As A Beginner

* Click Here to register an account on winapay

* The next to do is to fund your winapay wallet and how do i do that?

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How To Fund Your WinApay Wallet With N200 Or N500

What you should know about funding your winapay wallet is that, they are two (2) plans on winapay or winapay plan package with their different prices and winning incomes which are listed below.

WinApay N200 Plan Package – You are to answer 10 questions correctly with a given time durations of about 1minutes, 40seconds per each round and you are allowed to choose any category of your choices. If you win, you will be rewarded N2,000 through bank transfer (Plan A)

WinApay N500 Plan Package – You are to answer 10 questions correctly with a given time durations of about 1minutes, 40seconds per each round and you are allowed to choose any category of your choices. If you win, you will be rewarded N4,000 through bank transfer (Plan B)

After making the decision on which plan to go for, now click the choose plan link on button format and make payment either through bank deposit or pay online with your naira MasterCard atm on winapay which is protected or secure by paystack inc.

* After funding your winapay wallet, the next to do is to transfer funds from your wallet to the winapay play cash game page and start playing the game and keep winning. To transfer, click the transfer link at the head or copy this link and paste it on your browser and click ok to view the page, now after that, insert the amount you want to transfer from your wallet and click the “Make Transfer”.

According to my brother in the blogosphere around the “How To Make Money Online Niche In Nigeria” – Mr. Kennedy Prosper (Founder Of, and he also notice that all questions from winapay are been repeated several times both on free and paid version mode which can be easy to win the game but sometimes questions are been change within 24hours interval.

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WinApay Affiliate Program Income Review

Winapay offers two (2) ways which you can make money in nigeria by playing online games and also through affiliate program; However, we have already discussed about the online game so here comes the winapay affiliate program review part.

i) After joining winapay, to start earning money from the winapay affiliate program, you are to activate your affiliate account with the amount N1500 only by paying using the above method or by clicking the affiliate link on

How Does WinApay Affiliate Link Looks Like And How To Promote It thats how it looks like

How Does WinApay Affiliate Works And Is WinApay Real Or Scam

i) To everyone who join winapay using your affiliate program link and activating theirs too, you will earn N1,000 when you have 4 winapay active refferals affiliate account and above only.

ii) You will earn N150+ when you share your winapay affiliate link on social media like on twitter, facebook, instagram and whatsapp which are N50 each

iii) You can either withdrawl money or pay bills online or buy airtime etc on your winapay premium account, thats if you have an amount of money from your winapay wallet.

WinApay Payment Proof

winapay real or scam, winapay payment proof

Like the nnu income program which are now labeled as delay in payment, with winapay, you can withdrawl any amount instantly but as soon as you reaches the threshold in terms of affiliate while as long as you win the IQ game, all payment are process within 24hours of requesting for payment.

How To Create A Website (Online Playing Games) Like WinApay

how to create a wordpress blog in 2018 2019 with namecheap host

Am very sorry i don’t spy on peoples hardwork but instead, i either follow their steps or acknowledge them for job well done because i know or i believe they spend sleepless time, money in achieving such goals so to do yours, come with a great idea better than theirs.


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