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Woman Shocked As Her Mother Dresses Her Daughter In Shoes She Wore 35years Ago

Woman pleasantly shocked as her mother dresses her daughter in shoes she wore 35 years ago on her 1st birthday

A woman was shocked when her mother produced the shoes she wore on her first birthday and dressed her daughter in it for school.

@onyii_barbie had no idea the shoes she wore in 1985 still existed until her mother brought it out to dress her granddaughter in it.

Sharing a photo of her wearing the shoe on her first birthday as her mother carried her and another of her daughter wearing the same shoe for school 35 years later, Onyii wrote: “Hmmmm na so I dey today as my mum dressed my baby girl for school today guess what I saw my mum wore my Ada(daughter) d same shoe I wore on my first birthday which was in 1985 this woman can keep things for Africa. Luv you mum.”

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