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Youtube Ranking Factor: The Definitive Guide On How To Rank Youtube Video In 2018 On Google

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<h2>How To Rank Youtube Videos In 2018 On Google</h2>

It was summer and i was not enjoying the vacation because i was busy
working a research about my project when my mind thick in and thought about
“How To Rank Youtube Videos In 2018 On Google” or “How Does Youtube Seo
Search Ranking Factor Works In 2018″ or so and i was like this could be
very much helpful, not only for me but for the benefit of everyone here on
<a href=””>HypersTv</a>, well here comes the
tactics on how to rank youtube videos (keywords) on google or bing easily
and for free.

<h2>TRICK: Youtube Video Search Ranking Factors (2018 – 2019)</h2>

How To Rank Youtube Videos In 2018 On Google

Its not easy and also found funny when one can’t actually find it youtube
videos ranking positions on search engine especially on google and youtube
search most especially the bloggers, comedians, social media influencers
(beginners) and or youtube video marketers (the beginners to youtube seo),
this set of people may get lot of youtube competitors who understand the
youtube ranking tactics than you or those who dont know but right now, you
are the right specific place to learn the secret way to rank youtube video
on google within one hour, though permit me to introduce my secret youtube
seo ranking as i will call this as “Youtube Video Ranking Tricks – The
First Sight Of Google” or “One Hour Youtube Video Ranking Factor” which is
the best in 2018 and 2019 and can as well be use for free.

* Youtube Brand Or Niche: It is likely for us to note that youtube has a
niche or brand and that depend which you are best suite on to take. Lets
take for an example, youtube entertainment brand or niche is the kind of
niche that should only talk about the entertainment industries or so not
just combining other youtube brand with it. Meanwhile you can as well make
yours as one of the best youtube entertainment brand in 2018 or 2019 or any
other brand or niche if only you can persist the adjustment of your time
and focus more on working hard because i do tell people about one of my
quote that state “Hardwork is the best friend to success but nothing tells
you better than time waste”, if you understand such quote then you should
be the hardworking somebody.

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* Youtube Channel Keyword (YCK): It is good to optimized your youtube
channel keyword properly and what is <b>YouTube Channel Keyword</b>? Lets
take for an instance, if am to a video about any of the below mentioned
list which are:

* How to make money online from facebook research program in Nigeria

* Abolly webhosting and domain registrar review and affiliate program

* ClickBank affiliate program review and how to make money from clickbank
in nigeria

* Mtn affiliate program review and how to make money

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Now for me to be so sure of such keywords, i will take some time, in fact
my precious time and do keyword research about any of those keyword above
so as i will know the <b>keyword density, search volume</b> and if in case
am using youtube adsense, so for me to earn from any keywords on my youtube
video adsense account, i will also know about the <b>CPC</b> but for now am
not talking about how to monetize youtube video with adsense but lets
continue with the below steps about youtube channel keyword and it
definitive guide.

<h2>Top 6 Best And Free YouTube Keyword Research Tools In 2018 / 2019</h2>

best free youtube keyword research tools in 2018 - 2019

It is still obvious and untold that before using or uploading youtube
videos, some of us dont make use of the brain behind youtube ranking
factors which is, by using some of this youtube keyword research tools
though below are the list which i get for you.

i) YouTube Trends

ii) Google Trends


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iv) YouTube AutoComplete Suggestion

v) KeywordKeg

vi) KeywordKiwi

* YouTube Video Title And Description: Good title and also a good
description is equals to good metadata which is the best, potential and a
killer way, not only to rank but also get more youtube video views, so be
the type that write good titles and descriptions for or about your youtube
video and see the wonders in it.

<h2>How To Write Good Title And Description For YouTube Video</h2>

They is nothing much to do, to writegood title and description of your
youtube video, make sure that your youtube title is at least maximum of 75
words short and description should as well be 250 words only, because of
some devices (mobile phone) size that may cut the words and also make sure
that your target keyword are written first before any other words.

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* YouTube Video Tags: Youtube video tagging and youtube #hastag is also
important just like the way bloggers get organic click from tags.
Therefore, if am to use “ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Income Review And
How To Make Money From ClickFunnels In Nigeria” as my youtube video title,
now below are the example of good youtube video cheat sheet that i will use.

Title: <b>ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Income Review And How To Make
Money From ClickFunnels In Nigeria</b>

Description: <b>This video will show you the definitive and registration
guide on how to make money online in nigeria from the ClickFunnels
affiliate program in 2018….. Watch and Thank me later</b>

Tags: <b>clickfunnels affiliate program real or scam, clickfunnels
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payment proof, clickfunnels affiliate program login page url, affiliate
program in in 2018 – 2019, clickfunnels affiliate
marketing practise in 2018, affiliate program review, how
to make money from forex trading in nigeria, how to start forex trading in
nigeria, clickfunnels quora, clickfunnels income review, clickfunnels
affiliate bootcamp in 2019, best clickfunnels alternatives free,
clickfunnels affiliate program Vs Leadpages affiliate program Vs Shopify</b>

Now as you can see, if am done by finally uploade the clickfunnels
affiliate program youtube video reviews, then when you search about those
keyword you will notice my super youtube ranking factors is working just
like as easy as simple.

* Share Your YouTube Video: Done uploading your youtube videos, is high
time you share your youtube video either on twitter or facebook then after
that, sit back and relax till one hour and come thank me for the trick.

* <u>Conclusion</u>

I would have put this tutorial in ebook format and make money with it but
since am the good guy having good friends like you, i made this handful and
helpful “One YouTube Video Ranking Trick” for you. So, you go make me proud
by practising everything written here and also note that “Sharing is Love”,
kindly show back your love to me by sharing this post using any of the
social media logo / button found here.

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