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Busy Things Reviews: The Best Game For Educating Your Children in 2022 - 25369 Views

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Busy Things Reviews: The Best Game For Educating Your Children in 2022

Busy things is an app game that teaches and educate your children, pupils both at home and in school, it’s an interactive game app with different collections of learning tools both in English, literature, maths and many other educative learning subject.

A fun resource to help you teach all subjects including English and Literature, Phonetics, Math, Science, History, Geography, Art and Music. From infancy to milestones 1 and 2.

Top 5 Free and Paid Busy Things App: Kid’s Learning App

1: Animal Maze (FREE): This is one of the amazing free maze game of busy things kid’s learning app that you just need to guide the animals around the maze by tapping them. the price to get and download this game app is absolutely free.

Download on PlayStore or Download on App Store

2: Super Hen Hunt: (£1.99): Do you like the hide and seek game? right in front of you, you are ask to search for the hidden hen, can you find it? this app is so funny and entertaining because you will need time to find that hidden hen, anybody can play this game either children or adult, you’ll love to play this game as it is much more fun.

Download on PlayStore or Download on App Store

3: Path Puzzler – (£0.99): Guide the chicken to pass the tunnel successful, this game is as much as difficult but interesting to give a trial. In this exciting puzzle game app, children must build paths to help the characters reach their island. The paths must not cross, and they’ll need to watch out for the monster, too! Great for developing problem solving strategies in young learners. Good for following simple directions and describing positions. As with all Busy Things apps Path Puzzler contains lots of fun animations and sound effects.
Download on PlayStore or Download on App Store

4: Block-a-doodle-do (£0.99): You just have to direct the chicken and put them in the right way by guiding them, drag the cars, trucks and buses.
Download on PlayStore or Download on App Store

Top 5 Busy Things Kid’s Learning App Alternatives

1: Curriculum Maestro: this is one of the game played by primary schools that educate, teaches and help in organizing your primary curriculum.

2: Britannica School: Developed by Encyclopedia Britannica, Britannica School is a trusted, reliable online resource providing teachers and students with a safe…
3: GCSEPod

4: SAM Learning

5: ClickView

Busy Things Pricing

They are both free and paid busy things app and online tools available to educate and super teach the kids but the list here are one of the best recommended app and alternatives to use.

Busy Things Requirement: Below Are The Required Items Needed

To use and access the use of busy things app and online tools, you must need the below requirement which are more compulsory:

Internet: You will need internet in other to access using the apps and without internet, you will not be able to use the internet as the apps won’t be available for use.

Desktop: The app can also be use on desktop and phone app but if you’re to use the computer, you must make sure you have a desktop or window device. below are the acceptable device that can be use, which are:

Mac Desktop

Windows Desktop

Chromebook Mobile




Age Range: Best Age Suitable To Use Busy Things

Anybody can use busy things but it’s more fun to watch the kids playing, learning and catching fun while pressing and cracking their heads to fix an issue. Below are the years or ages suitable to play the game which are:

2 to 4 years,

5 to 7 years,

8 to 10 years,

11 to 13 years.

Final Verdicts” If you must make your child brilliant and smart, this apps should be use together with the use of video kids cartoon and here is my talk about Busy Things and you should know that it’s very educative and recommended to kids.

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